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Open Discussions The Neighborly Thing to Do



By Sharon Aron Baron

Our President of the WHOA  sent me an email today to clarify the Delegate-at-large and Delegate issue that I had written about earlier.  Yes, I had made a mistake and readily admit the error.  But with just an easy and FREE email, an error was resolved.

Why don’t emails and discussion apply to the President who could not address the issue she had with the website that I have been operating since 2010, instead hiring an attorney at Becker & Poliakoff?

Why did the our President and Secretary also choose not to contact any of the residents about their “Recall Patte” signs that they had permission for from the City of Tamarac before having BSO confiscate them and destroy them?

From:  Patti Fox
To: Sharon Aron Baron
Subject: Phone calls I have been receiving
I have been advised that you have a posting regarding some confusion about a statement in the newsletter regarding a delegate to the WHOA Board.

 To clarify what you have incorrectly posted, every section President sits on the WHOA Board as a “delegate” and each section has an additional 2 delegates that sit on the board….

When it comes to the bylaws and information on things work I asked in the past that you speak to Ambassador prior to publishing things like this since you have not been on the board long enough and you are simply interpreting what is said as opposed to checking the facts prior to writing your article about the way the board functions and its bylaws. Please correct the posting you put up today where you are misinforming the residents.

Patti Fox
The Woodlands Homeowners Association

Dear Patti

Undoubtedly you have been receiving phone calls, but more than likely they have more to do with your vicious, unnecessary and expensive letter that you authorized without board approval because you not only believe you own the name “The Woodlands,” but you believe our residents are too dumb to not be able disseminate information that is editorial and what is association generated B.S.

First of all, I’ll take down my article, not because you are asking me to, but because I’m a nice person.  As you can see from my disclaimers on my site, its not affiliated with the WHOA so I don’t have to answer to you.  But here’s the deal and think about this: Why don’t you do the right thing and call your attorney with Becker & Poliakoff right now and tell him that you want to retract your letter sent out to me?

Sure, he’ll still send you the bill, but just think about how good this will all look for all, by the next WHOA meeting.

Everything resolved.


Sharon Aron Baron


2 Responses to Open Discussions The Neighborly Thing to Do

  1. Steve Buck Reply

    May 6, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    I think that is a good suggestion. We as a HOA have to put issues to rest that makes us not look good as a community. The ability to resolve issues is what HOA’s are supposed to do. I hope they get this one right.

  2. Michael Reply

    May 7, 2013 at 1:37 pm

    This is what the website is about and designed to do. Allowing information and exchange of facts and ideas to be presented to those of us who choose to read it and comment. Resolving issues by presenting facts is exactly what the WHOA should be doing, not bullying us and telling the homeowners that they do not have to ask our persmission to contact lawyers and use our money to pay for them. It may in fact be legal, but just poor judgment and as Steve has said, makes the community not look very good. We have so may other really important issues that need resolutions, this not being one of them, as is evident by all the discussion and comments opposing the shut down of this webiste. If the intention is not to shut it down, then why wasn’t a name change suggested in the first place before a legal letter was sent? Is there backing down because of all the bad press, kinda like when Bonnie said it wasn’t she who called BSO to remove the recall signs? But it was her. Oh certain parties don’t like this webiste because they think they are above reproach. Wake up and smell the reality air. Nobody is right all the time, and a better person knows when to admit it and learn something from it.

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