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Update on the Damaged Sign on Commercial Boulevard

Section IV Homeowner's Association Meeting

Section IV Homeowner’s Association Meeting

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Last Tuesday, the residents of Woodlands Section IV held their annual board meeting.  They were only a few residents (and proxies) short of a quorum so no new election could take place.  

 Sgt Rossman with the BSO Tamarac district was invited out to discuss crime and safety with our residents. The latest item of business was getting the damaged sign – or monument repaired at Commercial Boulevard. The monument was damaged last February in a car accident and for months we were waiting to see if State Farm would cover the costs of repair. Sadly, they only had $800 left after the crash.   Because the monument sits on city property, this created a problem:  does the city pay to repair it, or do the homeowners?  

The city said they were not responsible for the maintenance of the monuments around the Woodlands, and said the homeowners are.  When the WHOA paid over $5,000 to repaint the monuments two years ago to gray and gold, this made it even more difficult to tell the city that maintenance was up to them.    

Ambassador Management received a quote to fix the monument at a cost of $4,000, however, we found another quote for $2,400 for both front and back – and the back is extensively damaged.   I wrote seven other section presidents asking them to pitch in $192 (amount after insurance).   I stressed that if we all worked together and paid, that we could all count on one another with other damaged monuments.

I only heard back from Sections Six – Alvin Entin and Section Seven – Larry Mellgren who said they would ask their board.  After a few weeks, the Section IV Board voted to pay until other sections decide to come forward.  The board will gift the money to the city, and they will make the payment to the contractor since it is city land.   At this time we are waiting to hear back from the City Manager.





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