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18-year-olds with shotguns and rifles in their hands is becoming a reality in Florida as GOP bill moves forward


Florida – Due to a contentious bill that Republican lawmakers have proposed to lower the minimum age for purchasing rifles and shotguns, Florida has recently come under intense scrutiny from across the country. This initiative marks an unusual step in the United States, especially at a time when violent crimes involving young individuals are increasing, and authorities are intensively working to reverse this trend. The bill was successfully passed in the Florida House last Friday and is anticipated to proceed in the Senate.

The federal government wants to regulate gun sales

In the United States, there is a lot of disagreement about whether or not to regulate gun sales and set age limits for people who want to buy guns. The main goal of this discussion is to make the public safer and cut down on gun violence, especially mass shootings, which are happening more and more often. The country’s constitution protects the right to possess weapons. This makes the debate over gun control very complicated.

Officials, leaders, and some politicians want tighter gun control laws, like stricter background checks and age limits for gun buyers, because that will make it harder to purchase guns, prevent people from acting violently on impulse, and make sure that only responsible people have guns.

Florida bill seeking to lower the minimum age for gun purchasing in the state moves forward after it Florida House passed the bill

An assault weapons ban one of top priorities for VP Kamala Harris if Biden wins gets reelected

Vice President Kamala Harris recently outlined her main objectives for the next term, should she and President Biden win reelection. Among these priorities is the introduction of a ban on assault weapons, a move aimed at tackling the pressing issue of gun violence in America.

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The Biden-Harris team is focused on reducing the occurrence of mass shootings and improving overall public safety by limiting the availability of firearms with high-capacity magazines. This initiative is part of a larger effort to implement more rigorous gun control policies, with the goal of mitigating the harmful effects of gun violence throughout the country.

Florida would allow 18-year-olds to buy shotguns and rifles

In a vote led by Republicans, the House decided 76-35, with most votes following party lines, to approve a bill (HB 1223). This bill aims to lower the age limit for buying guns that was increased after the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in 2018, where 17 people lost their lives.

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Florida to override a federal law

Despite federal laws that prevent those under 21 from purchasing handguns, Democrats brought up the Parkland shooting to argue against this bill. Democrat Rep. Robin Bartleman emphasized that the Legislature had made a commitment to Florida’s citizens to ensure their safety by previously increasing the minimum age. She expressed disappointment over this decision to backtrack on that commitment.

“Shame on us,” Bartleman said. “We told the citizens of Florida that we were going to protect them.” But bill sponsor Bobby Payne, a Republican, pointed to Second Amendment rights and people needing to defend themselves.

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“I’m not worried about our schools. Our schools are safe in Florida. We’ve heard it was the gold standard,” Payne said. “What I’m worried about is my kids, my grandkids, and your kids that can’t defend themselves because we’re restricting their rights.”

Florida bill seeking to lower the minimum age for gun purchasing in the state moves forward after it Florida House passed the bill

Some republicans in Florida are opposing the bill

However, Senate President Kathleen Passidomo, also a Republican, from Naples, mentioned that the Senate does not have a matching bill, suggesting that this change in age requirement is unlikely to be approved in this legislative session. Despite the majority support from Republicans, Reps. Linda Chaney, Chip LaMarca, Vicki Lopez, and Cyndi Stevenson, all Republicans, sided with Democrats in opposing the bill.

Florida is one of only eight states that don’t allow individuals to buy long guns at 18, according to Everytown for Gun Safety.

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