Post on the WHOA website dated after the article was published.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

After I published the article on November 2 informing residents about meetings with a homebuilder who is interested in developing the golf course with 500+ more homes, the Woodlands Homeowner’s Association decided that maybe it would be a good idea if they invited everyone. They even included the sections that are not part of the association who aren’t represented at their meetings.

In an invite posted the day after the article was published, the WHOA posted this:

“We think you might be interested in attending this Board meeting and listening to a presentation from 13th Floor Homes as it relates to The Woodlands.  As this is a Board of Directors meeting, any discussion will be conducted by the board members.  As homeowners, you will need to have your discussion at your section meeting and not at this meeting.”

When was the WHOA going to tell residents if our article didn’t come out?  When would news of these two meetings get out to the homeowners?

They knew about these two meetings, yet nothing was mailed out and section presidents did not alert their homeowners (sections 3 and 4 would have had no way of knowing) in what could be the most important news of their lives: their golf course views could be in jeopardy.

They also make it clear that residents will not be allowed to speak.  “As this is a Board of Directors meeting, any discussion will be conducted by the board members.”

So attend the meeting, record what you hear, and don’t be surprised when they all tell you this was never a secret. “If you only attended the meetings, you would have known,” is always their excuse for lack of communication with the community.

 The WHOA is still not allowing residents to speak.

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Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk and in 2012, Coral Springs Talk.


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3 Responses to "After Our Article, WHOA Invites All Residents to Development Presentation"

  1. Bud  

    Millions of dollars will be made in the Development and building of Low Middle Income “Cookie Cutter” Housing shoved into a Breathtaking Multimillion Dollar Community of *Custom Golf Couse Homes*.

    If a Custom Home Builder like Lennar were to build other breathtaking homes in the Woodlands Country Club, the residents might not be AS UPSET!

    That, however is not the case. No homes will be built that will compare to any of the Custom homes on Woodlands Blvd. Those Custom Woodlands Blvd homes have given the Woodlands Community it’s attraction.
    Even though ungated maintained a unique Ambiance
    Seems that this will result in a tragic and significant loss of value to thos home owners.
    We know the Developer/Builders love the idea.
    My question would be:
    Who in their right mind would support would support a disastrous move like this, if they had nothing to gain?

    Usually the answer doesn’t surface for many years if ever.


    IS this like a TV Politics and FBI episode, where they say :
    “Just Follow The Money”

  2. Carol  

    We received a post card in our mail today (Friday, 11-9-17) from 13th Floor Investments/Homes.

    They included a web site for comments. The web site is:

    Obviously, the deal has already been done.

    But I left my list for them.

    What a way to find out that your subdivision is about to be forever changed!

  3. Peter  

    Don’t drink the developer Kool-Aid!! Their plan is to build 2-story, cookie cutter homes on zero lot lines, just like the ones off Commercial Blvd. We all bought in the Woodlands for the space and relaxing environment. Not to be over crowded and in a gated prison! If you think this plan is going to make this place better, and your property more valuable, think again. The surrounding infrastructure is not setup to support all these planned crammed in houses. They already got the Sable Palms golf course land. After they take over the Woodlands golf courses, they are going to go after Inverrary. The land should stay as a commercial recreational area and the City of Taramac commissionaires should be voted out if they think differently.


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