By: Sharon Aron Baron

The Woodlands Country Club was created in 1968 when developer and Tamarac builder Ken Behring wanted to build a golf community resembling Palm Springs, Calif. He purchased more than 5,000 acres and built homes surrounded by fairways, beautiful wooded areas, and winding streams.

The golf course was carved out of 640 acres of verdant, virgin woodlands. Legendary entertainer Jackie Gleason wanted a PGA Tour event that would bear his name, one to outdo those headlined by his friends and Hollywood rivals Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Behring and Gleason entered into a contract under which a “Jackie Gleason” championship course would be built for that purpose. But Gleason’s demands became excessive and the deal was called off. Von Hagge, a second-generation course architect whose father had apprenticed under Donald Ross, and Devlin, an Australian touring pro who would go on to design more than 140 courses worldwide, laid out the two courses.

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From its inception, the roster at Woodlands Country Club read like a “who’s who” of the rich and famous from the northeast United States. Notable members included Leonard Pines, owner of Hebrew National Hotdogs; Herbert Gallen, owner of fashion house Ellen Tracy (until it was sold to Liz Claiborne in 2002), and American comic-book artist Will Eisner. Most of the homes in the Woodlands were winter homes for the elite until retirement, when they became their permanent residences. On Saturday evenings, dinner dances were held where women dressed in their finest gowns. There was so much expensive jewelry on display at those evenings that the Club hired off-duty policemen to guard the premises.

ClubLink Members will enjoy the clubhouse complex which provides recreation for the entire family, including tournament tennis on four clay courts and a swimming pool. The clubhouse is a contemporary tri-level design overlooking a two-acre lake with outdoor patios and lounge decks. The formal dining room is perfect for dances and other events. The clubhouse also features a cocktail lounge, conference rooms, and men’s and women’s card rooms with bar service. The fully stocked golf shop overlooks the large driving range as well as a practice area for chipping and sand shots. There are two 18-hole courses: the East Course and the West Course. Just five years ago, the East Course went through a $500,000 renovation. It measures 6,472 yards from the back. Measuring 6,825 yards from the back tees, the West Course features five sets of tees for different skill levels.

Now residents can pay a daily rate or choose to join ClubLink’s “one membership, more golf” which gives them reciprocal access to every course in the ClubLink family, which includes more than 50 championship courses in Canada and Florida including: the Woodlands Country Club, Heron Bay, Palm Air, and Eagle Trace.

The Woodlands daily rates starts at $59 before 11:30 a.m. and $69 after 11:30 a.m with special rates after 3:30 p.m.  You have to be a South Florida resident to get these great rates and they will ask for proof of residence, so call 1-800-276-9542 to book a tee time.  Rates are valid until April 12, 2015. Weekend rates apply on holidays.

The history of the Woodlands was originally written by Sharon Aron Baron and published in the Summer 2011 Edition of ClubLink Life Magazine.  Full story here.

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.

12 Responses to "All Residents Can Now Golf at the Woodlands Country Club"

  1. this is goo news for the resident golfers..Where is the Swimming Pool??? and Where are the tennis courts… I heard that the swimming pool was filled in and the tennis courts are all overgrown..
    I hope that Clublinks have a plan to resurrect these facilities..I also have an idea that perhaps you could pass on to the right people.. On the vacant land; in the back of the parking lot and neat the tool shacks.. I think would be a perfect place for them to build a playground for the neighborhood and perhaps a basketball court for the children in the neighborhood to enjoy.

  2. Yes, I agree with Judith; a large playground and basketball court would be amazing!

  3. there are no longer playable tennis courts!

  4. Why are they obligated to non members to maintain a swimming pool and tennis Courts. The fact that they are letting residents have a special rate to play the course and use the dining facilities is much more then they are required to do. This Club was member owned and had to be sold because there were not enough people willing to join it and pay for the facilities people are now seeking to get.

  5. I hate to get into a pissing match with any of you…. I didn’t say that it isn’t enough that the Club will now admit residents to partake of meals at the club dinning room or to pay to play golf at a reasonable rate.. I think all of that is terrific and will ,in the long run, benefit club links as well.. I certainly don’t expect ClubLinks to build the playground and basketball court but they could donate land that is not being used and the residents can be asked to chip in to purchase the equipment necessary..
    Each section that collects maintenance could put in equal amounts to pay for it, I personally don’t care if the club has a pool or not,.. it was, however, mentioned in a previous article. My sec. pool is quite sufficient for my needs. Don’t even try to tell me about Woodlands as it was, my father and mother and their friends were the first families to belong to the club..I remember the days when this was a showplace, the club was private, the members were dignified ( a bit snobby if you ask me) and the section dues were $43.00 a month and the still held gala dinner dances for their annual meetings.. Most of you weren’t eve born in those days… a few were.. Residents were friends, polite, and respectful. We’ve come along way since then…not for the better,..

  6. The club does not maintain a swimming pool and has allowed the tennis courts to turn into a sea of brown weeds, that mind you, if any homeowner in the Woodlands allowed their courts or lawns to turn into, would be heavily fined. As far as allowing non members to pay their way for services like brunch or golfing, they need the money obviously and have finally realized that this community is no longer a “private country club community.” Had the club before realized this they would have extended an olive branch to its then non members, made affordable social memberships and perhaps more residents would have joined. But they did not, went almost backrupt, sold it off for peanuts. The golf club owned by a very wealthy Canadian company that ownes many golf course in Canada and bought numerous ones here in Florida.

    There was a funny episode on “I love Lucy” where a grop of snobby women were allowing Lucy and Ethel to join their society club. The one snobby woman asked the other, “When did we start allowing actors (Theatre people) tp join the club?” The other lady answered, “when we needed money.” So there you go when you need money and can not afford to be exclusive, that is when you reach out to the general public. Non members will pay for their meals and pay for any services they use. Maybe one day the dining room will be filled. like the Carolina Club is on a Wednesday prime rib special night.

  7. Judy, Judy, Judy, the WNID board has been trying to convey to you for years that in order to make any improvements or build a park etc, you need a vehicle to have a vote and collect money from the residents. You and the “no group” have fought us from the beginning and now you want residents to chip in money to pay for something that benefit the community? You think Clublink who allowed the tennis courts to turn into a waste land is going to do anything for us residents? Welcome to the Woodlands reality show, featuring Clublink, a wealthy Canadian corporation that will not even properly take care of its own areas. Also featuring the “no group”, who think everything is fine here, but yet want bus shelters and parks. Then co-starring the WHOA that admits it has no real power. Then there is the WNID, dedicated board that is trying to get the city of Tamarac to help us in order to get improvements and grants, but is left drowning by the city and the WHOA who created it. Not sure if this a comedy or a horror show.

    We had a chance for the the WNID and the city to help us get these improvements, but you and your group did not support it. Grants and drug money that the police obtained for use by the community was denied to us. So now when you think we need a park somewhere, it is a good idea do not get me wrong, but when residents will not even contribute $10.00 a houshold, who will pay for it, as you guys always ask at the meetings? You guys blew it and now we all pay the price as you said, it is not getting better.

  8. The woodlands these days are very diverse in the people’s now who live here. It is not the seniors anymore who want to live back in the seventies the way it was. And the way it used to be . It is made up of people who both the partners in there households both work to make ends meet. It is not just a retirement community, there for it has a lot of different needs in the woodlands for each household and for everyone to agree or meet on common ground is not going to happen. This is needed that is not needed, I have been living here since 2005, and it still looks the same ,the nice neighborhood as it is is still the same forme, another words it works. I for one do not need a playground. But for others with small kids they would probably like it and who am I to say we don’t need it, you see you do an s people get up set and you don’t people get upset..just keep it nice and good and safe and all is good and that’s all you can ask for in a community
    Now that’s not to say..
    Speed bumps save lives, animals, and you have to slow down you have no choice.
    And the extra traffic would be cut in half. Because they now kno how long it would take to get out of here
    As well as deterrent to crime with people with vehicles
    And a closed in area for walking and let your dogs run..
    Oh that would be nice hardly no cost to do as far as a run for your animals.
    Maybe a group participation from one of the vendors .like the ones who just completed the sec. Six pool area. That would look good on paper for future projects we buy the material at cost and let us or some vendors to help put it up. You know old days of doing good things and good business sence,
    But I’m sure ill get flack from this message because someone does not have a dog or cat or pet…
    Lol…just think about it. ,, thanks

  9. I think a lot of these ideas are very good: park, basketball court, speed bumps (FOR SURE!), dog parks as all these would make OUR COMMUNITY come out and hopefully, be closer to one another. I wish I didn’t hear all this bickering, as a teacher and mom I hear enough of that, I would like to come to the meetings to offer resolutions and ideas to make Woodlands an even better place to live! Personally, I love this neighborhood and get along well with my neighbors. I wish the same for ALL because we are so much better when we compromise and stay united with the understanding that we all may not see eye to eye, but we all deserve respect and to see it from all perspectives of the parties involved. However, I will be a better resident and come to the next meeting to see if there is a place that I can help!

  10. Mike, I live here a lot longer than you and when you say the Woodlands looks the same I must totally disagree with you. For one, the wall by Commercial and 64th ave. was in good condition, not falling apart as it is for the last several years. Also there is a lot of trash being thrown on the common areas, Commercial near Rock Island by the fence, by 64th Ave, Rock Island and 44th St. It was not like that years ago here. I complained to Code enforcement and some of it has been cleaned up, but we need a staff to go around and pick up the trash daily. Also on White Oak by the canal, the hedges need replacement, there are missing palm trees and another one has just recently died. Clublink needs to tend to this area better like the old club did. Also have you not noticed that all the fountains in the canals have not worked for a few years now? Oh Mike these are a few of the changes and not good ones unfortunately, people need to open their eyes around here and take notice of how our community is going down hill and come to the monthly meetings and express this, so something can be done about it. Now that the WHOA has a new progressive president, there will be resident participation, I urge the residents to attend and voice their concerns.

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