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Anti-Trump wealthy donors shift back to the former president ahead of Florida fundraiser due to concerns over Biden’s policies


Florida – Good news is emerging for the GOP’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, ahead of the fundraising event scheduled to take place next weekend in Florida, as billionaire donors who had previously distanced themselves from the former president are now reconsidering their stance as the 2024 presidential election nears. This shift from the billionaire donors, who had publicly criticized Trump in the past, is not only more than welcome for Trump but for the Republican Party as well as they prepare for the presidential nomination in July.

Billionaires’ Return to Trump

Nelson Peltz, a billionaire GOP megadonor who once criticized the Capitol riot as a “disgrace” and expressed regret for supporting Trump, exemplifies this changing attitude. Following a recent dinner with Trump in Florida, Peltz mentioned in an interview that he would “probably” cast his vote for Trump in 2024. This shift among wealthy donors is reportedly driven by concerns over President Joe Biden’s tax policies, along with apprehensions regarding his foreign and domestic policy decisions.

Anti-Trump wealthy donors shift back to the former president ahead of Florida fundraiser due to concerns over Biden’s policies

The Motives Behind the Shift

The reconsideration of support for Trump among the billionaire class appears to be motivated by a mix of financial self-interest and political realism. Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the Partnership for New York City, suggested that as Trump’s chances of winning the 2024 nomination seem increasingly plausible despite his legal entanglements, Republican business figures who previously were not supportive are likely to start contributing to his campaign as a form of “self-defense.”

Steve Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center, further highlighted the underlying economic fears, noting that Biden’s policies are seen as a direct threat to the wealth and legacy of the billionaire class. This sentiment is echoed in the portrayal of billionaires as primarily focused on amassing and preserving wealth for their descendants, often at society’s expense.

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The return to Trump is described as a reluctant move by many of these wealthy donors, driven by the practical acknowledgment of the former president’s significant influence within the GOP and the perceived difficulties he may face in winning the general election. This pragmatic approach is underscored by a source close to major donors, who characterized the shift as a recognition of “reality” rather than an enthusiastic endorsement.

Strategic Fundraising Efforts

Efforts to woo megadonors are in full swing. The Trump campaign is actively engaging with these megadonors, with Trump himself dedicating time to personally call billionaires. The urgency of these fundraising efforts is partly due to the need to cover Trump’s mounting legal expenses. The upcoming fundraiser in Florida is ambitiously targeted to raise approximately $33 million, highlighting the campaign’s strategic focus on leveraging financial support to fuel Trump’s potential return to the White House.

This evolving relationship between Trump and his billionaire backers underscores the intricate balance between political ideology, economic interests, and the strategic calculations that define the American electoral landscape as the 2024 presidential race begins to take shape.

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