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“Bad” news for Biden ahead of the November election: Some Democrats said they approve of Trump’s performance as president


As the 2024 presidential election approaches, a recent Harvard/Harris CAPS poll reveals a surprising shift in Democrats’ attitudes towards former President Donald Trump. Historically criticized by Democrats for his policies on immigration, abortion rights, and the economy, Trump seems to be gaining unexpected approval from the very group that has long opposed him.

A Surprising Shift in Opinion

The poll, conducted among 2,022 voters between February 21 and 22, indicates that 29% of Democrats now “somewhat” or “strongly” approve of “the job that Donald Trump did as president.” While this figure remains a minority, it marks a significant increase from January 2020, when only 14% of Democrats expressed approval of Trump’s performance. This change suggests a complex landscape as Trump maintains a substantial lead in the Republican primary race, overshadowing contenders like former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

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Trump’s resurgence in popularity comes at a crucial time, as he appears poised to secure the Republican nomination, potentially setting up a rematch against President Joe Biden in the November election. Despite a clear desire among many voters for new leadership, Trump’s strengthened position within his party and among a segment of Democrats underscores the challenges Biden faces in his reelection campaign.

Implications for the Presidential Race

The increase in Democratic approval for Trump comes at a critical juncture for Biden, who faces challenges on multiple fronts. Recent surveys pit him behind Trump in head-to-head matchups, and his administration’s handling of international conflicts, along with concerns over his age, have become focal points of contention. Despite these hurdles, Biden’s supportes remains optimistic, banking on a Democratic consolidation against Trump when the time comes. However, the polling data suggests a more complex electoral landscape, with Trump’s legal entanglements and questions about his own fitness for office adding to the uncertainty. With charges in four separate criminal cases, Trump’s legal battles could potentially impact his popularity. Despite this, he has pleaded not guilty to all charges and maintains his innocence

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The poll also reflects a stark partisan divide in perceptions of presidential performance. A mere 11% of Republicans approve of Biden’s job, contrasted with the 29% of Democrats showing approval for Trump. Among independent voters, Biden’s approval stands at 39%, a slight decline from the 42% approval rate Trump enjoyed in January 2020 among the same demographic.

This shift in voter sentiment underscores the evolving dynamics of American politics as the nation approaches a highly anticipated election. With both major parties grappling with internal and external challenges, the road to the Oval Office appears more unpredictable than ever. As the campaign season progresses, the electorate’s evolving views on Trump and Biden will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the political landscape.

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