By: Sharon Aron Baron

As if we don’t have enough wildlife to contend with here in the Woodlands.  Now we have aggressive raccoons.

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When I think about raccoons, I think about those furry little guys that get into our garbage and typically run away when they see a human.

Not so, according to Section Two resident Sandy Enriquez who says that aggressive raccoons have attacked two people there.  In one incident, a neighbor was walking his dog when a raccoon came out of nowhere and ran up his leg.  His dog broke free from his leash and then the raccoon tried to go after him.

Unfortunately, the county won’t do anything and the only way we can remove them is to trap them which could cost upwards of $100 she said.

Section Two resident Kevin Muscolino says that an aggressive raccoon tried to attack him the other day but luckily his dogs kept it at bay.  He called the county and they would not send anyone to remove it.   He questioned why they wouldn’t remove these dangerous animals when they send trappers to remove alligators from our canals.

Until we can control the raccoons in the Woodlands, here’s what you can do to keep them at bay:

  • Check the areas around your home and clean up all the garbage, paper, food, fruit that fell from trees. Totally clean the area. After it’s spotless, walk around your home again and do a double check.  Do not leave dog or cat food outside
  • Use a lid securing device such as Raccoon Green Bin Solution (www.raccoonsolutions.com).
  • Place heavy weights on the lids when there is garbage, food or water in these trash cans.
  • Keep the cans smelling clean by washing them out with the hose every so often. Tip them upside down so they don’t store water for mosquitoes or for raccoons to drink. 
  • Make sure that any outside tables and chairs do not have even a crumb on them when you retire for the night.
  • Store the trash cans indoors or in the garage or somewhere inside if you are gone for a long time or if you see animals around in the neighborhood.
  • If you have meat or very tempting food in the trash, always double plastic bag it before throwing it away in the cans and put a little bleach or strong cleanser on the bag outside before depositing it in the can.
  • You must identify points of entry. You’re looking for holes 3 inches in diameter or bigger. If they’re in your attic or crawl space, look under nooks, or broken vents. If you hear them in your crawl space look for broken vents or borrows.
  • Soak up 3-5 tennis balls with ammonia and throw them inside and around the places you think they’re nesting.
  • Try to seal off any entrances in your yard such as gaps in your fence. Try to purchase a cheaper fence and block it.


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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.

9 Responses to "Be Watchful of Aggressive Raccoons in Area"

  1. Thank you for your comments, I really hope it would be helpfull for our neighboors since we are afraid to go out on daylight, it is not safe anymore, and raccoons don’t walk alone. Last time my husband was outside doing BBQ and he was attacked by one raccoon, and thankfully my husband was able to run fast inside the house.
    Now raccoons walk around at any time looking for food, they make damages in the garden and they just stay there looking at you.

  2. The only time raccoons normally get aggressive is if they are cornered, starving or rabid.
    If you don’t have a CCP, carry a golf club (no, not a putter).
    Havahart has raccoon traps from about $55.00 and one that will catch raccoons to coyotes from about $95.00 ea.

    Maybe we should all chip in and keep a few of these on hand to protect the infirm, elderly, children and smaller pets.
    Live traps are needed in case a pet or other non-dangerous animal gets caught.

  3. 3 years ago the raccoons found my pool a sanitary attraction. I paid $180 for the first trap and $150 each catch later. Sometime possums were caught – they get let go and there was no charge.
    Raccoons that get caught get euthanized ( not taken somewhere else and let go). If you buy a trap what do you do when you catch a raccoon?
    That year we caught 5 – cost me almost $1,000.

  4. Wow!
    Things are definitely slow in the news during the “dog days of summer” or for some maybe not.
    This story has me rolling with side splitting laughter, I mean aggressive Raccoons? Really.
    Maybe it’s the folks in section 2 that have aggression issues, like not paying maintenance fees.
    I hear from the coons that most animals in the woodlands get aggressive towards non paying residents.
    Heed their warning as the animals have spoken to me ( Dr. Do little) they are taking roids and hgh, bench pressing picnic tables and training like, well, animals.
    Beware section 2 , beware Rocky Raccoon is hell spent on making a sequel ” Aggressive Raccoons IV.

  5. About a month ago I went out my back door to put recycle in my pail, Well, as I passed my garbage pail the top popped open and a 30-40 lb. raccoon jumped out and brushed against my arm. The only funny part (to my husband) is he has my reaction on video, beleive me “I was not laughing”. How he got in, was, he climbed up the hose and the open part of the pail was facing him,so now it is turned the other way. This is really sad, they are staving because they can’t get into the pails anymore thats why they are out and about in day and getting aggressive. I think the cage Idea is a GREAT way to move them to the everglades so they can eat and we can end this problem, it is only going to get worse, that raccone just had 3 babies on top of my water filter system.
    Each section should buy their own cages, and someone with a truck can drive them to a safer place for them and us. Fran

  6. Ok, so now it’s the raccoons, giving the coyotes a break. When I came home the other day, it was about 4:00 pm, there was a raccoon near my front door. I got out of my car, clapped my hands very loudly and it ran off. I did not corner it or run after it. If a raccon has babies nearby it will get very aggressive like any other animal would become in defense of its young. Just have to be mindful that there are critters living with us and have to be careful. Are we going to trap the people who run over the ducks? I see a squashed duck almost everyday on the road, or a run over cat or possum, once again the most dangerous creature on earth did that, mankind.

  7. Raccoons in Section Two are getting too numerous and aggressive. Attacking the residents. Every night I hear them on the roof, they tear the screen and fall into the patio or the pool. So far we have replaced the screen 3 times and torn again last night, we have a very hard time getting them out of the patio without getting attacked. I love animals as much as anyone else, but living like this is getting totally out of hand.

  8. Damn, I have seen them in section 8 in day running through the streets. More the 3 times in the past 3 months. And I know there will be 3 more babies growing up.

  9. Use Pet Screen, it works Great. I feed many Racoons and none have attacked me, I can walk in my backyard when I put out food and they Don’t attack me they watch me some but don’t feel threaten at all by me. This was a female I found out later when she came back with 4 little ones

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