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Biden hopes for a Democratic Florida, but Republicans call it “Trump country”


Florida – As the 2024 election draws nearer, the battleground state of Florida is seeing heightened activity from both parties, with President Joe Biden asserting that the state could swing in favor of the Democrats, while former President Donald Trump and local Republicans strongly disagree.

Biden hopes for a Democratic Florida, but Republicans call it "Trump country"

Biden’s Campaign Push and Trump’s Stronghold

During a campaign stop at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, President Biden expressed optimism about his party’s chances in Florida, stating, “Florida – I think Florida is in play, nationally.” This comment highlights the Democratic belief that the abortion referendum on this year’s ballot could tilt the scales in their favor. Democrats are banking on this issue to resonate with voters, given the current political climate around reproductive rights.

However, the response from Republican circles has been dismissive and critical. Bryan Griffin, Communications Director for Governor Ron DeSantis, mocked the size of Biden’s campaign gathering on X, noting, “Said Joe Biden to the Florida Democrats’ impressive showing of 19 voters.” Further criticism came from Jeremey Redfern, DeSantis’ Press Secretary, who took a jab at Biden’s border policies by commenting, “The border is still open, Joe.”

Despite these exchanges, historical data and recent trends suggest a challenging battle for Democrats. The Republican Party of Florida has seen significant gains in voter registrations, achieving margins that have historically favored the GOP. Donald Trump, who has previously won Florida in both the 2016 and 2020 elections, continues to hold a strong presence in the state, with his campaign’s national press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, declaring confidently, “Florida is Trump Country.”

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DeSantis Criticizes Biden’s Policies

Ahead of Biden’s visit, Governor DeSantis criticized the President’s policies, especially his stance on border security and his support for a controversial abortion amendment set for the November ballot. DeSantis argued that the amendment, which proposes a constitutional right to abortion, is misleading and could have drastic implications, such as removing parental consent requirements for minors and allowing late-term abortions.

DeSantis’ harsh critique didn’t stop at reproductive rights. He also blamed Biden for broader national issues, stating, “This is a guy who has intentionally opened the borders of this country and caused great harm. His policies have caused families to suffer with higher prices and higher interest rates.” He concluded his remarks by expressing a firm rejection of Biden’s policies and influence in Florida, emphasizing the role the state will play in the upcoming election.

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As both parties ramp up their efforts, the political landscape in Florida remains a critical focal point for the 2024 presidential election. With Biden aiming to make inroads and Trump reinforcing his stronghold, the state’s voters are poised to play a decisive role in determining the next occupant of the White House. According to FiveThirtyEight’s polling average, Trump currently leads Biden, indicating a tough road ahead for the Democrats in this key battleground state.

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