By: Sharon Aron Baron

On New Years Eve, the residents of Coco Palm Drive held their annual block party inviting residents from around the Woodlands to attend.  There were all sorts of music to dance to, fire pits to keep people warm, delicious food and drinks, and even party favors to ring in the new year.  Both adults and children were having a great time.

As done in previous years, sparklers were distributed all around and an amazing display of fireworks were set off brightening the sky.   Soon after, BSO appeared and said there was an anonymous complaint about the fireworks and told homeowners that if they went off again, there would be arrests.   Prior years, the fireworks display has gone on without a hitch.  There was even that same anonymous complaint last year as soon as the fireworks went off.   I can just imagine the neighbor that called to complain about the fireworks to the police.  Their phone call to BSO probably went like this:

Dispatcher:  BSO, is this an emergency?

Resident:   Of course this is.  I hear loud popping sounds outside!

Dispatcher:   It’s New Years Eve.  Are you sure you don’t hear fireworks?

Resident:   I’m not sure.  It’s very loud and and its preventing me from watching “Ringing in the New Year with Laurence Welk.”   Please send an officer out right away to stop the noise.

Dispatcher:   Sir, we cannot send out an officer to investigate every incident of fireworks.  It’s New Years Eve and I’m sure the noise will stop shortly.

Resident:   You have to send someone out right away.  My wife says it sounds like a gun fight.  She is worried a stray bullet could break one of her Hummel figurines.

Unfortunately, after the anonymous complaint, the fireworks ceased.  In over 7 years of block parties, with a supportive BSO nearby, this particular officer wasn’t as accommodating, disappointing  the crowd of neighbors gathered nearby.   While on one hand I understand the BSO officer was doing his job and protecting the safety of our neighborhood,  I wish they would have ignored the anonymous complainer and allow a great neighborhood tradition to continue..

As the new year rang in, a  beautiful lit miniature ball reminiscent of its bigger Times Square cousin was dropped from a pole.  There were hugs, kisses and champagne to celebrate 2011.

Thank you to all the neighbors who put on such a fabulous party.

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