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Broward County tax preparer arrested as investigation reveals clients as victims of IRS tax fraud


Wilton Manors, Florida – Jose Coss, born on March 18, 1969, has been arrested on January 16, 2024, in connection with a serious case of IRS tax fraud. The arrest is the result of an ongoing investigation that has unearthed alarming details about his operations. Coss, the owner of multiple businesses including Coss Accounting, Top Accounting, and Top Design, located at 2480 E Commercial Blvd # 3, is at the center of this fraud.

As a tax preparer, Mr. Coss exploited his position to commit his fraudulent activities. He misused his clients’ personal identification information, filing taxes on their behalf. However, instead of the tax refunds reaching the clients, he redirected these funds to his own bank accounts. This deceit not only involved the theft of refunds but also extended to cases where clients were not actually due any refund. In these instances, Mr. Coss manipulated the IRS database to falsely show that these clients were entitled to refunds, which he then pocketed.

The scheme didn’t end there. Mr. Coss also misled certain clients into believing they owed money to the IRS. When these clients wrote checks to the IRS, he would deposit these checks into his bank accounts, further enriching himself at the expense of his unsuspecting clients.

The Wilton Manors Police Department believes that there are more victims who fell prey to Mr. Coss’s fraudulent activities. They are currently reaching out to potential victims, urging anyone who suspects they might have been affected to come forward. Detective Bonnie Owens is handling the inquiries related to this case. Individuals who believe they might be victims of Mr. Coss’s fraudulent activities are encouraged to contact Detective Owens directly at 954-390-2192 or via email at bowens@wmpd.org.

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