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Broward County Transit recognized nationally with Energy for Everyone Hero Award


Pompano Beach, Florida – Broward County Transit (BCT) has been awarded the Energy for Everyone Hero Award by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). This award highlights BCT’s successful integration of near-zero-emission propane paratransit vehicles into its fleet, marking a significant advance in environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

A Milestone in Sustainable Transportation

The award ceremony, which took place at Broward County Fleet 3 in Pompano Beach, served as both a celebration and a pivotal moment for BCT. It coincided with the inauguration of a new propane Autogas refueling station, further solidifying Broward County’s commitment to a cleaner, more sustainable future in public transit. The event was attended by key stakeholders who share a commitment to clean energy solutions, underscoring the collaborative effort involved in these environmental initiatives.

BCT’s CEO/General Manager Coree Cuff Lonergan expressed gratitude and optimism during the ceremony. “This award not only recognizes BCT’s achievements but underscores the transformative power of clean energy in public transportation,” Lonergan stated. “Since 2014, our transition from diesel to propane paratransit vehicles has yielded significant environmental benefits while generating over $14 million in cost savings. We are incredibly grateful for the success of this initiative.”

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Paul Strobis, Director of BCT’s Paratransit Division, also highlighted the dual benefits of the switch to propane. “Paratransit services are essential for ensuring everyone has access to public transportation, but they can also be the most expensive per-rider option,” explained Strobis. “That’s why we’re constantly exploring innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Converting our fleet to propane autogas allows us to achieve both of these goals, while also minimizing our environmental impact.”

Since the implementation of propane shuttles in 2015, BCT has achieved a reduction of over 14,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. The switch to propane not only supports cost-effective operations but also contributes significantly to reducing the ecological footprint of the transit system. Vehicles powered by propane Autogas emit up to 96% cleaner emissions compared to their diesel counterparts, dramatically decreasing the presence of harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.

This proactive approach by Broward County Transit not only enhances the quality of public transportation but also promotes a healthier environment for the residents of Broward County, setting a commendable example in the pursuit of sustainable urban transit solutions.

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