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Broward Sheriff’s Office alerts residents to resurfacing phone scam


Tamarac, Florida – The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) is issuing a new warning about an old scam making the rounds again, targeting unsuspecting residents of Broward County. In this deceptive scheme, scammers impersonate BSO employees from the Civil Division to exploit the public.

How the Scam Works

Victims receive a phone call from individuals posing as employees from the BSO’s Civil Division. The scammers inform the victims that they have missed a crucial court date, resulting in an arrest warrant. To resolve this supposedly dire situation, the victim is instructed to pay a certain amount to either put the arrest warrant on hold or to cancel it entirely. Payments are demanded via cash or through popular payment apps.

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BSO’s Statement

However, the Broward Sheriff’s Office has clarified that this scheme is an outright scam. They stress that no legitimate law enforcement agency, including BSO, would ever make such demands over the phone. The public is urged to recognize that these calls are fraudulent and not to comply with any requests for money.

History of the Scam

This scam is not new; BSO had previously informed the public about similar fraudulent activities in August 2023. There are variations to this scam, including impostors claiming to be BSO employees at the Broward County courthouse, sometimes using real names of BSO staff to sound convincing.

Immediate Actions to Take

The Broward Sheriff’s Office advises that upon receiving such a call, the best response is to hang up immediately. Do not engage or provide any personal information or payments. Subsequently, report the incident to your local law enforcement agency to help prevent further attempts.

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Contacting BSO

Residents within BSO’s jurisdiction should report such incidents by calling their non-emergency number, 954-764-HELP (4357). This measure helps authorities track scam activities and potentially apprehend the criminals involved.

The BSO is dedicated to protecting the community from such fraudulent schemes by continuously educating the public and encouraging vigilance against these unlawful activities.

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