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Broward Sheriff’s Office Tamarac District conducted a targeted operation against car theft, resulting in multiple arrests and firearm seizures


Tamarac, Florida – Responding to the alarming increase in car thefts within Tamarac, the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Tamarac District has taken decisive action through a targeted operation. This operation, unfolding since January 21, has led to the arrest of 17 individuals, the recovery of seven stolen vehicles, and the confiscation of three firearms.

A Collaborative Effort for Community Safety

The operation not only addressed local concerns but also enabled the BSO Tamarac team to contribute to ongoing investigations into similar criminal activities in neighboring areas, including BSO’s North Lauderdale District, and the cities of Margate and Miami. The collaborative effort underscores the broader impact of the Tamarac operation on surrounding communities.

Investigators revealed that many of the theft incidents occurred during the late night to overnight hours, particularly in the western part of Tamarac along the Rock Island Road corridor. According to investigators, these crimes frequently involved juveniles and did not seem to be part of any organized criminal network.

A key finding from one of the cases in Tamarac was the recovery of a device capable of programming or cloning vehicle key fobs. This discovery has prompted detectives to advise car owners to adopt preventative measures such as parking in garages or using steering wheel locks to deter thieves.

To further protect against vehicle theft and burglary, BSO detectives have issued straightforward advice for vehicle owners: keep car doors locked, never leave keys or fobs in the vehicle, avoid leaving valuables or firearms inside, and do not leave garage door openers in cars. These simple steps can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to car thieves.

Car theft remains a significant issue nationwide, with over one million vehicles reported stolen in 2022, resulting in losses exceeding $8 billion. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also emphasizes the importance of adopting safety measures to protect against vehicle theft and offers tips to car owners.

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