By: Sharon Aron Baron

After walking outside to lock her car doors, one resident noticed someone had been rummaging around inside.

During the early morning hours on May 25, a Section One resident in the Woodlands Country Club saw two car burglars on her surveillance camera.

“It happened Friday night around 12:23 a.m…So far I only missed a pair of sunglasses,” she said, adding that papers were also scattered around inside her car.

She left town the next day but plans on filing a report on Wednesday morning.

There were at least two suspects she saw on another video.  One was across the street before a black car came and picked him up.

Unfortunately, she left her car doors unlocked on this particular night.

“I came in about half an hour before I knew I had to go back and lock it, but I tried around 12:30 a.m., but by then they had gone into the car already.”

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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.

2 Responses to "Burglars Target Unlocked Car Doors in the Woodlands"

  1. Eduardo Cheng Chu  

    It happened to me too!! Section 7, 3 weeks ago.

  2. PLEASE friends…make it a habit to lock your doors, avoid mishaps by taking first-steps-first.


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