By: Sharon Aron Baron

You don’t have to be a cinematographer like Eddie Enciu to take amazing photos from the neighborhood, but it doesn’t hurt.  Enciu took all of these incredible shots with his iPhone.

“These were all shot on the iPhone 5 using the SnapSeed photo app for editing,” said Woodlands Resident Eddie Enciu.

“I deal with cinema cameras and large lenses regularly as a cinematographer, so shooting with the same little device that I make phone calls with and keep in my pocket, is very convenient and a lot of fun to see how far I can push things creatively. It’s difficult to get a bad shot in Florida, and in this neighborhood.”

Eddie and Olga Enciu moved to Florida over two years ago from Chevy Chase, Maryland. Eddie is originally from Romania and Olga is from Moldova. Both have lived in the United States since they were young.

They first came to Florida as freelance TV and film producers to work on a series of music videos for a record company based in Wellington.  After that project was complete, they weren’t ready to go back to D.C. or head out west where it was too pricey, so they decided to find a home in South Florida.

“Since we’ve always loved and followed mid-century modern style, I knew those types of homes existed down here and were much more affordable in this part of the country compared to D.C. or California.” Said Eddie.

One day, they were exploring Broward County neighborhoods and came across The Woodlands.

“We knew if we stayed in Florida, these were the types of homes we’d be most comfortable in,” said Eddie.

That month, Atomic Ranch magazine featured a Woodlands Home in the current issue (Spring 2011). A few months later, a home went on the market that was perfect for us.

Eddie enjoys going out in the evenings with his son and taking photos around the community.   He also shares them on Instagram and on his Facebook page.

Currently, he is pre-production on a film that he co-wrote.  “I started thinking about the project since I was 12 years old,” said Eddie.

Eddie also works as a director, producer and an editor He has won an MTV award in Australia for Best Dance Video and has worked with names like Clint Eastwood, Snoop Dog, and Jay Leno. Besides their son, they have just welcomed a new daughter into their family.


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