Tamarac Commissioner Atkins-Grad finds a new bottle of water minutes after she throws bottle at resident.
Tamarac Commissioner Atkins-Grad finds a new bottle of water minutes after she throws bottle at a resident.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The City of Tamarac was supposed to be enjoying a night out against crime, but City Commissioner Patte Atkins-Grad must have thought that she was above the law when she threw a water bottle and unleashed a tirade upon one Woodlands family.

The citywide “Night Out Against Crime” was full of local families and officers from the Broward Sheriff’s Office enjoying the evening. There were pony rides, face painting, food and music. However, when Woodlands resident Kevin Muscolino along with his wife Michelle and 11 year-old daughter Ashley came to the event, it set Atkins-Grad off.

Section Two Resident, Muscolino, a local business owner was also part of the effort who helped collect signatures to recall Atkins-Grad.

We were in a grass swale and had just gotten there, next thing I know Atkins-Grad is charging at me yelling, ‘You’re going to rot in hell for bringing that child out here in that shirt!’ Referring to recall shirt we were wearing, and yelling ‘What did I ever do to you? I’ve done nothing to ever deserve this!’” – Kevin Muscolino

Muscolino tried to talk to her, but then she threw her water bottle at him. Water drenched his glasses, face and shirt, and some got on his daughter.

The Muscolino Family after the assault
The Muscolino Family after the assault

“I wanted to grab her,” said Muscolino, “but she walked away, and my daughter’s here. So my next thought was to find a police officer to have her arrested.”

Muscolino immediately turned to the officer he had just seen Atkins-Grad speaking with moments before. He told Officer Akers that he wanted to press charges, but the officer said that he didn’t see anything and therefore wouldn’t be able to do anything. Muscolino went over to the SWAT officers that were standing nearby and they made sure the report was made.

“I think this officer may have either known Patte or may have just been afraid to make a police statement against a city commissioner,” said Muscolino.

During this time, his daughter Ashley was crying and upset after watching the altercation firsthand.

Muscolino says he will file charges with the State Attorney this week.

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