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City of Miami Beach implements midnight curfew to maintain order and ensure public safety during Spring Break


Miami Beach, Florida – To address the large Spring Break crowds and ensure public safety, the City of Miami Beach has implemented a midnight curfew for the weekend. This decision was announced as part of a broader effort to manage the chaos that spring break festivities have historically brought to the area. The curfew will be in place through March 18, from 11:59 p.m. until 6 a.m.

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Miami Beach City Manager Alina Hudak stated, “In consultation with our public safety leadership, we have determined that a midnight curfew is necessary and appropriate to assist in maintaining public safety on this Spring Break weekend.” She further noted, “We did not make this decision lightly, but it should not come as a surprise. We have been very clear about our intent to protect the public from the dangerous mayhem that has accompanied Spring Break crowds in recent years.”

The City of Miami Beach has the legal framework to introduce such emergency measures for up to 72 hours, with the possibility of an extension if approved by the Miami Beach City Commission. This authority stems from the Miami Beach City Code, which empowers the City Manager to take necessary actions during emergencies.

Public Safety Measures

The imposed curfew, effective each night through March 18, 2024, from 11:59 p.m. until 6 a.m., covers a significant portion of the city, from 23 Street and Dade Boulevard in the north to Government Cut in the south, and from Biscayne Bay in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east. This move requires businesses within the specified area to close early enough to ensure that patrons can comply with the curfew.

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Enforcement of the curfew will see public safety officers patrolling the designated area, ensuring that businesses, locals, and visitors adhere to the restrictions. Moreover, the curfew’s specifics are designed to accommodate essential activities and services. While businesses are expected to halt in-person operations during curfew hours, they are allowed to continue delivery services. The curfew does not apply to all city residents requiring access to or from their homes; guests requiring access to or from their hotels; or employees of business establishments requiring access. Essential services such as fire, police, and hospital services, along with those needing to travel for work, are exempt from the curfew. Alcohol sales for off-premises consumption are also prohibited after 6 p.m. within the curfew area.

The curfew is in place in the highlighted area in the picture below:

Additionally, the city has designated a Special Event Zone, including key areas such as Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue, where stricter regulations and doubled fines for noncriminal traffic infractions will be in effect.

The Miami Beach City Commission had previously endorsed the city’s intent to declare a curfew during Spring Break 2024. City leaders had also issued warnings to local businesses, urging them to prepare for possible curfews, especially during weekends historically marked by significant disruptions and violence.

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