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City of Tamarac acquires two electric vehicles


Tamarac, Florida – The City of Tamarac has added electric vehicles to its fleet. The city acquired two Chevy Bolt electric vehicles, a move that showcases its commitment to adopting sustainable practices. This initiative not only highlights Tamarac’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint but also positions the city as a forward-thinking community focused on the well-being of its environment and residents.

Mayor Michelle J. Gomez expressed her enthusiasm about this progressive step, stating, “Tamarac is pleased to integrate electric vehicles into its municipal operations. This is a critical step toward supporting sustainable practices in our City and preserving the environment for future generations.” This move by the City of Tamarac aligns with broader efforts at the federal, state, and local levels to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

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The introduction of these electric vehicles into Tamarac’s municipal operations not only benefits the environment by eliminating pollutants but also promises economic advantages. These electric vehicles are expected to save the city money on fuel and reduce operating costs compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, offering a financially sustainable solution for the city’s transportation needs.

The City of Tamarac plans to further embrace this eco-friendly initiative by continuing to replace its municipal fleet with electric vehicles. This commitment to sustainability demonstrates the city’s long-term vision for a cleaner, greener future, promising significant environmental and economic benefits.

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