Proposed front entrance signage at Woodlands Blvd and Commercial Blvd

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Many new communities in Tamarac will be getting an updated look this year with new entry signs, including the Woodlands, if the board votes to move forward with the proposed signage from the city.

At the April 7 City Commission workshop, Community Development Director Maxine Calloway presented the list of neighborhoods that would be receiving the first round of new entry signs:

  1. Woodmont Pine Island Road/NW 81 Street – SE corner
  2. Woodmont Pine Island Road/NW 75 Street – NE & SE corners (2 signs)
  3. Pineapple Park NW 80 Avenue/NW 70 Street – NW corner
  4. WoodlandsCommercial Boulevard/Woodlands Boulevard – Median
  5. WoodlandsRock Island Road/Sago Palm Boulevard – Median
  6. Arbor Keys Commercial Boulevard/NW 47 Terrace – NW corner
  7. Westwood #5 Southgate Boulevard/NW 93 Avenue – SW corner
  8. Colony West Estates Pine Island Road/NW 67 Court – SW corner

Of the eight signs, two of them are being proposed for the Woodlands. One would be at the entrance at Sago Palm and Rock Island and another at the Woodlands Blvd and Commercial. There are no funds for a third sign this year to be installed at another entrance.

On the proposed illustration, each sign would have the city’s logo and say “At Tamarac.”  During last week’s city commission workshop, Commissioner Gomez brought up the issue that having verbiage along with the city logo would be redundant, and was not in the original discussions for the signage. At the next commission workshop, Calloway will be researching historical data to see if this was discussed at preliminary meetings.

Each sign will be made with a concrete base with a rust-free aluminum skin and will cost approximately $18,000 each which will be paid for by the city.  Homeowner Association’s will be required to enter into a maintenance agreement with the city to maintain the signs once the are installed. “We expect to have the agreements ready within the next 90 days,” said Calloway.

The completion of the above signs should be around the winter of 2014/2015 according to Calloway.





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Sharon Aron Baron
Sharon Aron Baron created the Woodlands Tamarac in 2010 for original News for the community. In 2011 she went on to create Tamarac Talk, in 2012, Coral Springs Talk and 2017, Parkland Talk.

4 Responses to "City of Tamarac Proposes New Signs for Woodlands Entrances"

  1. Sharon how were you able to get the photos of the proposed signage? I wasn’t even aware that they had chosen them yet. Also, I thought that we are the Woodlands in Tamarac, now we are at Tamarac? Where we at? Tamarac, ha

  2. Michael,

    It’s no secret how to get information: Attend or watch workshops and meetings. Also, asking the city for information. I also cover news in Coral Springs so I have to sit through a lot of these things. Thank goodness for online streaming!

  3. Thanks for the info, will pass it on to those “enquiring minds.”

  4. The sign currently at the entrance to The Woodlands at Commercial Avenue and Woodlands Boulevard, like the many homes in our community are historical accurate and true to the period of homes we treasure. The projected signs, in my opinion, are neither an improvement or attractive. They look more like ads for the City of Tamarac, with reference not only to the city, but a colorful logo advertising the city. The concrete sign that currently graces the main entrance should be treasured, not replaced with this type sign. With the WHOA being asked to maintain the sign has anyone examined how long the replacement sign will need before the colors fade and it needs to be repainted or silkscreened? I suspect the long term costs of the new signs will far outpace what our current sign maintenance costs. If our sign has stood proudly at our entrance for 4 decades, why do we feel a need to replace it with signage that clearly is not an improvement, simply a more modern billboard for the Tamarac logo?

    Isn’t the name of the community was The Woodlands, not Woodlands. There is no mention of The Country Club which is in itself of tremendous importance to the overall value of our homes. Will we then need a separate sign to promote the Country Club? If there is money for only two signs, shouldn’t they be considered at the other two entrances, where they are not replacing something of distinct value? And why must the Tamarac logo be applied? It belongs at city-owned buildings, parks, and utility facilities.

    I grew up in a midwestern town full of beautiful historic buildings which were all torn down or covered over with aluminum siding in the name of progress. Rather than “improved” the town now looks like any ordinary discount mall. Please save the mid-century treasure sign we have before it is too late.

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