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By: Michael Delemma

Resident Doug Frens as well as myself have had numerous emails and discussions with Mike Funk, Manager of ClubLink who oversees groundskeeping for the golf course and other areas. We have explained to him, in particular, that the area by the canal on White Oak Lane is Clublink’s responsibility to mow the grass, pull the weeds and trim the border of shrubs as needed.

Mr. Funk agreed to alert his crew that they should maintain that area. I even spoke to the groundskeeping crew about it when they were working on it two months ago, and they said that they were not aware that they were responsible for keeping the area mowed and trimmed, but now going forward, they would maintain it. They worked very hard on it and I even told them they were doing a great job. I thought our problem was solved. Unfortunately, the same situation arises month after month, they seem to neglect the area repeatedly.

When Doug spoke to Mike Funk about two weeks ago, he said he would tell his crew to go there and tidy it up again. Well, that was a few weeks ago and still nothing has been done.

Why do we have to beg and plead with Clublink to maintain an area that they know they are responsible for? If we allowed our property to become like that we would be fined by code enforcement. Why is Clublink exempt from the same rules that we must follow? Why is Clublink playing games with us? They know damn well they need to maintain certain areas and they are not doing it.

Other sections also have had complaints about neglected areas that they know they are responsible for. Clublink claims that their priorities are aimed toward maintaining the golf course and that we, the residents of the Woodlands, should be thankful that they even bought the club and course.

When I brought this situation to the attention of the WHOA, one board member simply stated that we would get nowhere with ClubLink. In another words, we are wasting our time by trying to get them to do anything unrelated to the golf course itself. What a shame that some feel that we should allow them to get away with this. This blatant neglect makes our community look like we don’t care about our property values, when in fact, it is not us the residents but a corporation that bought our club and golf course who clearly do not care about our community or our property values. If I were a prospective buyer looking for a home in the Woodlands and drove by these areas where there are weeds, high grass, and shrubs that are overgrown and riddled with weeds and vines, I would think to myself that this community has little pride in itself and I would look elsewhere. That is exactly what will happen if we allow Clublink to get away with this, with their excuse that they have “other priorities.”

The WHOA president is trying her best to solve this situation, but can we force the hand of Clublink alone? We need to send a clear message to the corporate office and let them know what is going on here and that we the residents of the Woodlands are not only disappointed, but extremely angry with ClubLink. We need to solve this problem quickly before these areas become even worse. It is not fair to Section 3 that we have to drive by this eyesore. It is unfair to any section that they have to put up with this nonsense, that a wealthy corporation like ClubLink, that has recently purchased other golf courses can’t keep small areas like this maintained. I see the groundskeepers mow right by the area, leaving the grass to grow higher and leaving the weed and vines to choke  the other plantings. If Mr Funk is indeed telling them to maintain it, and they are not doing it, wouldn’t a boss get upset with them? It appears to me that he is passing the buck and blaming his crew.

This course of neglect by them, and pretense that they are not aware that they need to keep the area maintained is just a game that they are playing. Unfortunately, someone loses, and we need to make sure it is not us, by contacting the appropriate areas and letting our voices be heard.

10 Responses to "ClubLink Needs Course of Action to Resolve Landscaping Neglect"

  1. I truly appreciate the way the grounds around my home have been kept since ClubLink took over. Most every day, there are more maintenance people on the course than golfers so I want them to know that some of us are very happy with the job they are doing.

  2. Well thanks GP for your support, if the tables were turned then I would like to see how you feel about it. Once again we have this “Woodland’s attitude,” as long as my area or section is being taken care of then the hell with the other areas that are not maintained. I moved here 14 years ago, attended many meetings and the old regime had that very same attitude. When ever someone from a different section other thean one of the board members, their concerns were dismissed or ignored because it didn’t affect someone else’s section. Well you see what resulted, a failed club, a neglected landscape, a broken fountain, and more. It took the current board and the city to fix it. A whole is made up of the sum of its parts, and when parts of this community are neglected, it is all of the Woodlands that is affected and suffers. So we should ignore it because you are satified with them?

    GP if you had said that you felt badly or showed any concern for your neighbors in section 3 and section 1, you would have said, that you were sorry to hear that Clublink was treating our areas like that. Instead you had to rub it in that you are happy with Clublink, that they are taking care of your area with no concern for your neighbors and how we feel. This is how neighborhoods go down hill, with that kind of response to our situation.

    Maybe one day the grounds keepers will neglect your section’s area and then see how happy you will be with them, and see how you would feel if others like you commented how happy they were with the maintenance. You would be upset as much as we are…but I would never say what you said because I care about the whole community, not just the immediate area I live in. Thanks for nothing GP, hope you are proud of your comment.

  3. Thank you Doug and Mr Funk for resolving this situation, the crew did a great job on the landscape that was desparate for attention. I personally thanked the crew today as I passed by. The only problem now is that the spot lights that illuminate the road and palm trees, is not working. I went to the timer box this evening to try and turn the lights on but to no avail. Did the grounds crew from Clublink by mistake mow over a wire that connects to the electrical box? If so we now need this repaired, it is dangerously dark around that curve. In any event section 3 is very appreciative that the area has been cleaned up and once the lighting situation is resolved, the area will once again look the way it should. One must be persistant around here it seems.

  4. While we are using this bully pulpit you might try to remember that if Clublink hadn’t come along we might have had houses going up. Just saying

  5. re dead tree behind our home on hole 2 east..tree has been dead for about a year or more..full of worms and termites..limbs fall off and could hit someone if they happened to be there..when branches fall they are not picked up very often and weeds take over..have emailed mr. funk several times but “it is not a high priority with them”. if we have a storm and the tree falls it may wind up in my kitchen

  6. Hi Jim I feel for you being in the same boat. You need to contact Doug Frens or Patti Fox and make a formal complaint. They are in charge of contacting Mr. Funk and pressuring him to take action. I see you got the same answer from him as I did, that there are other priorites. God forbid a tree limb falls on someone, then Clublink will have the “priority” of paying out a huge law suit, however, that injory or death can not be so easily restored.

    Also everyone, Clublink is responsible for maintaining these designated areas, period. Just like the homeowners are responsible for maintaining our homes, no free rides. If someone buys a foreclosed house and neglects it and doesn’t maintain it, should we say that we are just thankful that the house was bought and inhabited, so let them get away with not caring for it? Of course not, so stop saying that just because Clublink bought the golf course that they should be allowed to let certain areas deteriorate. No free rides for us, no free rides for Clublink. Try and explain to a prospective buyer that they should be thankful that Clublink bought the club, therefore areas are not maintained, see how that affects the value and sale of the house…such non-sense that we have to look the other way for a muiti-million dollar corporation that deliberately neglects their properties. Not acceptable…

  7. I totally agree with you Michael. While my husband and I walk the dogs around the neighborhood we noticed the mess. I guess they want to match the front of the clubhouse and the abandoned tennis courts. The clubhouse looks like an abandoned property.

  8. thx for your reply Michael..emailed patti and doug today an have already recd a reply from patti..she will contact whoa on my behalf..thx to patti also..nice to know somebody cares.

  9. Thank you Debbie, perhaps we should take Alvin and GP for a tour around the Woodlands and personally point out how certain areas are neglected by Clublink, maybe then they will not feel the need to kiss their you know whats.They need to join the rest of us in trying to get them to take responsibilty for all their property. Funny Clublink had plenty of money to buy the Palmaire golf courses…

    Yes the club’s tennis courts are horrible, they have no shame. When clublink bought the club and courses we went from the fire into the frying pan. Unfortunately the residents are the ones getting burned.

  10. An update to the situation, Mike Funk, who represents Clublink, was a guest at the WHOA board of director’s meeting a few meetings ago, and many of our issues were brought up. Clublink claimns that they are waiting for permit approvals in order to fill in the main club house pool, get rid of the tennis courts and clean up the area, etc.
    They will cut the grass by the White Oak Lane canal area, every three weeks, so far so good. I did mention that their is a difference in maintaining an area and keeping an area up to a certain standard. For example, replacing dead shrubs, removing weed trees within the shrubs, pruning dead palm leaves etc…Not so responsive to that concept. I think we may have to accept that Clublink will do the minimum they can get away with and no more. Like I said before, they seem to have plenty of money to buy other golf clubs…Coral Springs golf club can be added to that list since my last comment.

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