By: Steve Buck

In response to the editorial that appeared on this website on October 1, 2013, I would like to say that criticizing the company that has revitalized the Woodlands and stopped the country club from closing its doors back in 2011 is extremely irresponsible.

For those who think we would never have closed, please reconsider. I was the General Manager at the time ClubLink took over and we were literally days from locking our doors. In the past five years over 500 golf courses have closed in the U.S., 167 last year alone and the number will continue to grow.

All we need to do is look a little east of our community to see what the view from our backyards could have looked like with the closing of the Monterey and Sabal Palms Golf Courses.

Barbara Sharief

If we want our community to grow and improve, we need to work together in a collaborative way and not publicly criticize one of our largest stakeholders.

ClubLink has come in and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to improve our golf courses and provide some much-needed stability to the course and our community. Home prices have increased 18 percent over the past 12 months and rental prices have been increasing at a rapid rate as well. Perhaps we should be writing public comments to show our appreciation for ClubLink rather than publicly criticizing them and hindering their efforts.

Has this individual wondered what would have occurred in our community if our golf courses had closed and we looked outside our homes to see weeds and brown grass? What would our home values have been? Who would have been living in our community in five years? We should be asking ourselves how we can support the club to keep it from getting into the same position it was only two years ago.

If you are still telling yourselves that the courses would never have closed please consider this: Just weeks prior to the ClubLink Acquisition of the Woodlands, we had to dismiss our Golf Course Superintendent. By April in 2011, we were quite literally days away from closing the club doors and this expectancy was being planned for.

Please join me in thanking ClubLink for their very valuable contribution to our community and let’s make a commitment to support them so that they may stay healthy and viable for many years to come.

May I also suggest we try to put our personal needs aside and consider a bigger picture? From everything I have seen of ClubLink, they will respond to issues that arise in a responsible manner. It may not meet everyone’s personal expectations and timelines, but they will respond. Please remember they are still very new to this area, so let’s try to be patient.

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6 Responses to "ClubLink Purchase Saved Woodlands Country Club From Closure"

  1. Well said, Steve! Thank you for presenting facts. Our view has improved greatly since Clublink took over and we do appreciate their hard work. I make sure they know that we do.

    As to the negative remarks made in the October 1 post, as well as those made later in the comments, I share a quote by Ayn Rand that has served me well:

    “Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.”

  2. they have done a nice job in many respects….they may respond to issues in a responsible long as the issue doesn’t require them to remove dead trees and you don’t mind waiting more than 2 yrs(and still waiting)

  3. First of all I never said that Clublink didn’t take care of the golf course, that is their bread and butter, and yes it helped us plenty in that regard. But why do you Steve and GP think that we should look the other way when they neglect areas that affect us? This was not a personal reason, this was an issue that effects the Woodlands as a commnunity, I am the president of section 3, I spoke not for just me personally as you inferred, I spoke up for my section, other sections and the residents, because Clublink neglected our common areas. Did you not see the photos I took of the entrance to our section? If you did then you could see how the landscaping was being choked by weeds and vines and you think this is acceptable? If it were by where you lived and you had Clublink contacted numerous times and they ignored the situation, you of all people, with that temper of yours, would just sit back and leave it alone? Yeah right.

    Myself and other residents expect from Clublink waht is expected from us the home owners, to maintain what belongs to the owners. If you want to kiss Clublink’s ass (hoping they will give you your old job back?) go right ahead, but the rest of us will not. And to think I supported you when your cat was killed by the coyote, why because it was the right thing to do, not because it was your persoanl reasons as you accuse me. Next time you need support Steve, you can go to Clublink and they can solve your problems, as I see they have with the coyotes.

  4. GP this is especially for you.

    From a Josh Billings poem:

    “I hate to be a kicker (complainer), I always long for peace,
    but the wheel that does the squeaking, is the one that gets the

    or simply,” the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”

  5. Your statements are ignorant and inaccurate. My intention was not personal; it was designed to point out the good in Clublink and their efforts. Your small problems are tiny in comparison to the 277 acres they are responsible for with the golf course. Clublink, which you are probably not aware of, contributes over $1000 a month to WHOA for security. Maybe WHOA should use that money on any neglected areas, if any, at your discretion.

    As I recall, WHOA asked me to hire a coyote trapper which I did. Turned around and asked me to fire him after only 3 weeks. Clublink, as you know was at that meeting and said, “They would share half the cost”. Due to the negligence of the WHOA board, which you are part of, over 10 pets have since died since the firing of the trapper. Thanks for the so called support.

    In conclusion, I have had a very successful business for the past 27 years. Being General Manager of a Country Club again… Been there Done that.

  6. I never said that Clublink did not do a good job with the golf course, that does not mean they get a free ride to ignore their other responsibilities that you feel are “small”, just because it does not effect where you live. When did you get to pick what is considered small and unimportant anyway, Mr. spokesman for Clublink. When did you become their public relations representative? Besides Steve you are planning to move anyway, so leave gracefully and allow those of us who still live here to battle the problems that exist.

    Don’t blame the WHOA for pets that died due to the coyotes, they need to be kept indoors and safe, and any pet that gets injured even by a passing car, is a tragedy and an accident.

    As far as Clublink contributing to security, so they should, it is a business Steve, they are securing their business interests, that is what corporations do. Yours lips must be sore from kissing up to Clublink so much. Still not sure why after Clublink fired you that you are so indebted to them?

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