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Community invited to attend the second annual book fair in Fort Lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The second annual Fort Lauderdale International Book Fair is scheduled for Saturday, February 3, at Esplanade Park in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Offering free admission, this event is a welcoming space for families.

At the fair, attendees can explore a variety of works by local authors and vendors from the South Florida area. Notable authors featured at the event include Christiana Lilly, known for “100 Things To Do in Fort Lauderdale Before You Die”, Mirella Baker Bemmel, the mind behind “Building Blocks to an Abundant Life: Design the Life You Desire”, Howard Minsky, founder of the “Conserve Our Wild” literacy program, Kevin O’Connor, author of “Two Floors Above Greif”, and Traci Hall, writer of the “Murder in a Scottish Shire” series.

These authors, among others, will be offering their books for sale at the fair. The event is organized and run by student volunteers from high schools and middle schools in the area. These students, numbering over 30 at the previous year’s fair, contribute significantly to the event’s success. Last year, they participated in a book collection for Mirella Baker Bemmel’s initiative, which provided books to a new school in Gambia.

The Fort Lauderdale International Book Fair serves as a platform to promote literacy within the community, highlighting the works of local authors. It provides an opportunity for attendees to engage with authors, learning about their writing journeys and experiences. The fair also focuses on inspiring young readers and writers, featuring book readings by authors and spotlighting Howard Minsky’s “Conserve Our Wild” program, which encourages children to write and publish their own books.

In addition to literary attractions, the event features live music, food trucks, author readings and signings, an interactive art station, a raffle, and more. There’s also a writing competition for elementary and middle school students in South Florida, adding an educational element to the fair. Further details about the event and the competition are available on the fair’s website at ftlbookfair.org.

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