The Woodlands very own BSO Citizen Observer Patrol Vehicle

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The Citizen Observer Patrol (or COP) is the Broward Sheriff’s Office community policing program. The Sheriff has determined that the community policing philosophy best serves the needs of residents of Broward County and the Broward Sheriff’s Office.  Therefore, they have created a partnership with the community to prevent crime based on this philosophy.

The Sheriff has elected to create the Citizen Observer patrol Program to gain the assistance of selected residents and provide a mechanism for resident to take an active part in crime prevention efforts within their neighborhoods, by becoming the eyes of the working deputy sheriff.

This program will become an integral part of the effort to suppress crime and improve the quality of life in their community.  The function of the Citizen Observer Patrol is to observe and report suspicious circumstances and criminal violations within assigned areas of responsibility.

The BSO provides the Woodlands with a car,  gas and all upkeep.   All our community has to provide are volunteers who will take a 1/2 day training class to become a COPs certified.   We have quite a few people on our monthly schedule and just last month four more people were trained at BSO’s offices in Tamarac.  However, we would like more people to get involved, get trained and drive the patrol car.  We would also like people stay active outside of their home mainly in the afternoons whether it is walking, jogging, or riding their bikes.

Don’t forget:  Our roving BSO phone number is 954-632-6337 if you ever need anything.

Would you like to be a volunteer? Our community  would greatly appreciate it.  You could go through a training class to be a driver or a just a background check to be a passenger.   We have schedules with our other volunteers that would fit in with yours.

For more information please contact:  Karen L at or Deputy Brad Miller, Tamarac 954-720-2225, or Deputy Carl Fitzgerald 954-720-2239

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  1. I don’t know how old this article is, but I have been trying to find the McGraws for some time! I am a former student of Mrs. McGraw and saw Mr. McGraw every day when he worked for the school. If you could please forward them my email address, I would love the opportunity to say hello personally. Thank you so much in advance!!

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