Resident Steve Buck discussing coyote issue with the Sun Sentinel videographer in November 2012


Early Saturday morning, a maintenance worker at the Woodlands Country Club discovered a cat left for dead on the 6th tee and saw a coyote in the vicinity.

The cat, named Koko, belonged to a couple on Bayberry Drive who both broke down crying when they saw Koko’s remains.   Their cat was not an outdoor cat and only escaped out of their home the previous night.

Section Seven resident Steve Buck broke the news to the residents and is initiating an effort to clean up the the coyote’s domicile in the area behind Section Eight, which is a heavily overgrown area along NW 64th Avenue that remains unkept.

Buck urges all residents to go to the Woodlands Annual Meeting on Tuesday, February 12th at 7:00 pm at the Woodlands Country Club to discuss the coyote issue with the City of Tamarac officials and the Woodlands Homeowner’s Association.

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