By: Sharon Aron Baron and  Benjamin Kanarek, M.D., PhD

For Democrats, our biggest priority this year is getting President Obama reelected. That is why it’s important to have a strong democratic presence starting in the state of Florida right on down to our local community level.

Precinct Captains are an important factor in the race because they help get the vote out in November as well as elections throughout their four-year term.

Precinct Captains also have a very important vote this December because they will determine who the next Democratic Committee Chair will be.   Therefore your vote for Precinct Captain in the August primary election is extremely important for the future of the party.

Each precinct has two captains. A male and female: Two for the Republicans and two for the Democrats. Currently, our Democratic precinct captains are Jack and Beth Talabisco whose terms expire this year.

One of our neighbors, Joel Davidson is one three candidates running in the August 14 Primary election for Democratic Precinct Captain. One of his opponents is myself who is supporting Sharon Aron Baron in her run as the female captain and she is supporting my bid to become the male captain.

It has come to our attention that Mr. Davidson is claiming to be running for “reelection” and placing signs around the Woodlands that say this.   What he fails to mention is he was not duly elected by the registered Democrats of the Precinct but was appointed by the local Democratic Committee just two months ago.

However, Davidson insists that he has been elected by the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC). “I have been duly elected by Democratic Executive Committee and I am running for reelection,” stated Davidson in an email.

Bernard Parness, President of the Democratic Senior Caucus and of the Deerfield Beach Democratic Club said this isn’t true. “The DEC cannot elect anybody. The sign that Davidson is placing around the Woodlands is false because he was appointed, not elected.”

The fact is, the DEC does not have the authority to elect Precinct Captains.

Davidson was appointed by Mitch Caesar (Democratic Committee Chair) so those signs are not just misleading but blatant lies.”  – Bernard Parness, President of the Democratic Senior Caucus

Alex Johnson, Corresponding Secretary at the DEC said, “The Democratic Committee Chair has never submitted a candidate to management for us to vote on or approve of in any way. He just appoints people unilaterally.”

We believe our constituents deserve better.

My wife Michelle and I attended President Obama’s inauguration in 2008 and have actively supported the President and Democratic candidates for years. We are currently volunteering at the “Organizing for Obama” Florida offices in Lauderhill.   Sharon is supporting Democrats across the county and her son is volunteering this summer canvassing and calling voters within the Pompano Beach offices.

Our main interest is to get President Obama, as well as other Democrats, elected and reelected. We have no personal agenda. However, we feel that candidates should be truthful to their constituents and not say anything just to get elected.

If you are looking for two individuals committed to the Democratic cause, please consider supporting us on the August 14 Primary election.

The most important thing is that no matter who you support, please let your voice be heard.  Please go out and vote.

Sharon Aron Baron
Benjamin Kanarek, M.D., PhD

3 Responses to "Democratic Candidate Rewrites History"

  1. Can we mention how he doesn’t know how to use commas either?

  2. Shame on Davidson. All he is ever interested in is advancing his own best interests

  3. Joel you need to explain yourself…I voted for you, please don’t make me regret that choice.

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