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DeSantis mocks Democrats after Florida Primary, says they have a habit of “doing dumb things over and over again”


Florida – The Republican primary in Florida was held last week, on Tuesday. Former President Donald Trump secured a win with 910,857 votes, amounting to 81.2% of the total, while the rest of the votes went to Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis. Nikki Haley received 155,461 votes, and the current governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, garnered 41,233 votes. Republican voters were the only ones to participate, as Florida Democrats canceled the primary in the Sunshine State.

DeSantis mocks Democrats after Florida Primary, says they have a habit of “doing dumb things over and over again”

DeSantis “Credits” GOP Success to Democratic “Missteps”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently highlighted the Republican Party’s victories in the state, attributing their success to missteps by the Florida Democratic Party. DeSantis praised the opposition for their “assistance,” suggesting that their actions have only furthered the GOP’s cause in Florida.

GOP Gains Ground in Traditionally Democratic Areas

During an interaction with reporters in Miami Beach, DeSantis expressed his views on the changing political dynamics in Florida. His comments followed the Republicans’ triumphs in recent elections, which saw a significant increase in GOP dominance in several local mayoral races. This shift underscores the state’s ongoing transformation into a stronghold for the Republican Party, a trend that has been accelerating since DeSantis’s first gubernatorial campaign in 2018.

One of the key factors contributing to this shift, according to DeSantis, was the decision by the Florida Democratic Party to cancel its presidential primary. Party leaders had doubted the viability of any challenge to President Joe Biden, a move DeSantis believes backfired spectacularly.

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“The Florida Democratic Party is like the best opposition party we could ever ask for. They canceled their Presidential Primary because they feared Biden may get embarrassed by not getting a high enough percentage,” he remarked, pointing out the detrimental impact this had on Democratic turnout. The low participation among Democrats in local elections facilitated Republican victories, notably in Delray Beach, an area that traditionally has not been a Republican stronghold. “Florida Democrats have a real serious habit of just doing dumb things over and over again,” DeSantis added.

DeSantis’s observations were reinforced by recent election outcomes, including the GOP-backed Tom Carney’s win in Delray Beach. Carney’s victory over Vice Mayor Ryan Bolston in a district Biden won by a wide margin in 2020 exemplifies the unexpected gains the GOP has made in areas previously considered secure for Democrats.

Republican Voter Registration Surges

Further complicating the Democrats’ position in Florida is the party’s dwindling voter registration advantage. Recent reports indicate that the Republican Party of Florida has not only overcome a historical deficit but has now established a significant lead over the Democrats. This reversal of fortunes is stark, with the GOP achieving the largest voter registration advantage either party has seen in nearly four decades. As of the latest state election data, Republicans lead by over 851,000 registered voters, a gap that highlights the dramatic swing towards the GOP since DeSantis took office.

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The implications of this shift are profound, with DeSantis suggesting that Florida may play a diminished role in future national electoral strategies due to the GOP’s burgeoning dominance. This transformation presents a challenging landscape for the Florida Democratic Party, which now finds itself in a precarious position, trailing not only the Republicans but also closely followed by unaffiliated voters.

Governor DeSantis’s analysis paints a picture of a political environment in Florida that has dramatically evolved over the past few years. With the GOP solidifying its position and the Democrats grappling with strategic missteps, the state’s political future seems increasingly tilted towards Republican favor. As Florida moves closer to the next presidential election, the strategies and decisions of both parties will be closely watched, with significant implications for their national standing and influence.

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