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DeSantis “turns his back” on Trump again, rules out the possibility of becoming his vice presidential candidate


Florida – In a recent Fox News town hall event in Greenville, South Carolina, former President Donald Trump unveiled a list of potential vice-presidential candidates for his potential re-election campaign. Among the names shared with host Laura Ingraham were Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump affirmed these choices, stating, “They are,” in response to Ingraham’s question about whether these figures were indeed on his shortlist. He praised them as “all good” and “solid” choices for running mates.

However, Governor DeSantis quickly distanced himself from the speculation during a Zoom call with supporters, outright rejecting the possibility of serving as Trump’s vice president. He criticized the selection process as being influenced by identity politics, which he deemed a mistake. Despite previously supporting Trump, DeSantis has since refrained from openly campaigning for him in the 2024 GOP race. This call, which drew more than 200 participants, mostly potential delegates for the Republican National Convention, underscored DeSantis’s concerns with the current political climate within conservative circles.

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DeSantis expressed his frustration with the conservative media’s coverage of Trump, sarcastically noting Trump’s infamous claim about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue without losing voters. He suggested that such an incident would likely go unreported by conservative media today. The Florida governor also hinted at his own political aspirations, suggesting that much could change in politics by 2028.

The fallout from DeSantis’s comments has sparked reactions from various corners of the Republican Party. GOP political strategist Chris LaCivita took to social media platform X to deride DeSantis as a “sad little man,” critiquing him for his political stance and the perceived failure of his campaign strategies. This criticism reflects the ongoing tension within the GOP and Trump’s inner circle, particularly after DeSantis withdrew from the 2024 race and endorsed Trump.

DeSantis, during his private call, emphasized his desire for a diverse Republican Party but expressed concern over a small faction potentially dominating the party’s direction. In contrast, Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt dismissed DeSantis’s critiques, advising him to concentrate on efforts to oppose President Joe Biden and support the Make America Great Again movement.

This highlights the deep divisions and strategic disagreements within the Republican Party as it navigates the upcoming election cycle. With Trump’s VP shortlist stirring controversy and debate, the GOP faces challenges in uniting its base and defining its future direction amidst diverse opinions and political ambitions.

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