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DeSantis won’t happen in 2027: Florida governor shuts down rumors about his wife’s political aspirations


Florida – Since Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, first elected in 2018 and re-elected by a wide margin in November 2022, is constitutionally barred from running in the 2026 gubernatorial election, speculations are intensifying about who might be the next leader of Florida and Ron’s successor at the governor’s mansion in Florida. A new poll conducted recently shed light on potential candidates and voter preferences as the state looks toward its future leader.

DeSantis won't happen in 2027: Florida governor shuts down rumors about his wife's political aspirations

Ron DeSantis’ Future Plans and Party Dynamics

Governor DeSantis, once seen as a rising star within the Republican Party, faced setbacks during the Republican presidential primary, leading to his early withdrawal after a disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses. Following his withdrawal, he endorsed Donald Trump, who remains a major figure in the party. This move is seen as strategic, potentially aiding his own political prospects and relationships within the party as he considers future campaigns, possibly eyeing a presidential run in 2028.

Ron DeSantis’s current focus seems to be supporting Trump’s campaign efforts for the upcoming November race, a task that could align him with powerful allies and bolster his standing in future political endeavors. His involvement in national politics, despite the setbacks, continues to keep him at the forefront of Republican discussions, indicating his ongoing influence and potential future aspirations.

Poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University and Mainstreet Research

A poll by Florida Atlantic University and Mainstreet Research conducted last month introduces an interesting possibility for the 2026 election, suggesting that First Lady Casey DeSantis is a favored candidate among Republican voters in a potential primary race. The poll indicates that 38% of respondents would back her over U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz, who garnered only 16% support.

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The poll reflects significant interest in Casey DeSantis’s potential candidacy, which is evident and points to her popularity within the state. She has become a well-known figure during her husband’s tenure, especially noted for her advocacy in mental health, an issue she championed after her own successful fight against breast cancer in 2022.

Matt Gaetz, recognized for his alliance with former President Donald Trump and his notable presence in national politics as a congressman from Pensacola, is also considered a potential candidate. While neither Casey DeSantis nor Matt Gaetz have confirmed intentions to run for governor yet, Gaetz is expected to announce his candidacy soon and enter the gubernatorial race.

Governor Ron DeSantis Dismisses Rumors

However, “DeSantis won’t happen in 2027”, as the Florida governor shut down rumors about his wife’s political future. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis addressed swirling rumors about his wife, Casey DeSantis, potentially succeeding him in office, firmly stating that she has “zero” interest in pursuing his position. This clarification came during a press conference, amidst growing public speculation.

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Governor DeSantis responded to inquiries about his wife’s political ambitions with a definitive denial. “If I had to characterize her interest in getting into the political thicket as a candidate, I would say, I would characterize it as zero,” DeSantis explained. He attributed her disinterest to her close-up view of the challenges and “nonsense” that accompany a political life.

Despite this, Governor DeSantis praised Casey’s impactful tenure as Florida’s First Lady. Her initiatives, particularly those focused on mental health and substance abuse, have not only been successful but also emulated by other states. “Imitation is the most, is the sincerest form of flattery, and people wouldn’t be imitating what she’s been able to do unless it’s been successful, and it has been,” he remarked, highlighting the national recognition of her efforts.

Casey DeSantis, who also has a background as a local news journalist and is a mother of three, has been a significant influence in her husband’s political journey. She played a vital role during his 2024 presidential campaign, which, despite not succeeding, underscored her influence and capabilities.

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While Governor DeSantis has clearly stated that his wife, Casey, will not be pursuing the governorship, her role in his political career and her own public service accomplishments continue to make her a notable figure in Florida’s political landscape. As for Ron DeSantis himself, his political journey is far from over, with much speculation about his next moves on the national stage.

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