Editorial and Photo Illustration by Adam Baron

Though it came at the high price of a pedestrian first having to get injured while walking along Woodlands Boulevard, I must admit I was excited to learn that The Woodlands would finally be getting a much-needed, dedicated bike path.

The city announced its intention to go forward with the HOA-requested project in April of 2011. I waited patiently, only periodically bugging my wife Sharon for updates. Even she, with her infinite knowledge of all things Tamarac, could tell me very little in terms of when the project would commence.

So it was with great surprise and delight that I noticed, almost a year later, that a sign near the main entrance announced that the work would commence on March 28th. This was no rinky-dink little sign either. It was one of those big, programmable signs with the orange letters usually reserved for only important messages about road closures and the like.  You knew the city meant business when they dragged this thing over.

As I left for work on the morning of the 28th, I envisioned the upcoming hordes of city workers, asphalt trucks, and lane painting machines all working in tandem, up and down the boulevard. I prepared myself mentally for the inconvenience of all the work to be done knowing that it would be only temporary. I took delight in the thought that I would not have to constantly look behind me for cars as my family and I take walks along the boulevard.

Then when I got home that evening, I noticed nothing had been changed. And the next day, the same thing. And today, even worse; the sign was gone too.

Oh city of Tamarac, please don’t tell me this was all part of some early April fools joke. Only time will tell. We’ve managed to wait this long, what’s another a few week’s delay, right?

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to keep looking over my shoulder…

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