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Fire Inspectors Association of Broward County (FIABC) Annual Holiday Luncheon and Awards


The Fire Inspectors Association of Broward County (FIABC) held its much-anticipated Annual Holiday Luncheon and Awards event this past Thursday. Two outstanding members of the Tamarac Fire Rescue team were honored for their exceptional contributions to fire safety and community service.

The prestigious “Fire Plans Examiner of the Year” award for 2023 went to Assistant Fire Marshal Rebecca Geimer. Geimer has consistently worked hard to protect both residents and companies in Tamarac by carefully reviewing plans. She is known for her unwavering dedication. With her great customer service skills and keen attention to detail, she has become a major figure in making sure that safety standards for the public are always met.

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Inspector Sheila Doblas was named “Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year” for 2023, which is a significant accomplishment. While Inspector Doblas is remarkably good at her main job, she also goes the extra mile by taking on extra responsibilities, like becoming a certified car seat technician. This helps a lot with individualized education for a wide range of groups, such as children and seniors.

Inspector Doblas’ commitment extends to local schools, businesses, and other facilities where she tirelessly works to spread vital fire safety tips. Her dedication makes a tangible difference in enhancing the community’s awareness about preventing fires and ensuring that every individual knows how to react during emergencies.

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Giving awards at the ceremony was only one part of the event; it also showed how committed Tamarac Fire Rescue is to providing excellent public service. The recognition of AFM Geimer and Inspector Doblas underscores the integral role played by these professionals, who often operate behind the scenes yet contribute immensely toward our everyday safety.

At this luncheon, coworkers from different departments got together to celebrate and share stories of their successes. These successes were in line with FIABC’s mission to promote the highest standards among those who work to protect people and property from hazards, fire, and explosions in Broward County and beyond.

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