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Florida Gov. DeSantis eats his own words: Changes mind and “agrees” to “kiss Trump’s ring”


Florida – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has previously criticized Republicans for overly pandering to Donald Trump, appears to have shifted his stance after a lengthy meeting with the former president last month.

A Strategic Meeting

According to reports from The Washington Post, the meeting, described as friendly and spanning several hours, concluded with Governor DeSantis agreeing to assist Trump, particularly in fundraising efforts. Trump’s campaign has recently faced challenges in raising funds, and DeSantis’ support could be pivotal. The meeting, arranged by Florida real estate investor Steve Witkoff, signifies a potential thawing of relations between the two prominent Republicans.

NBC News highlighted that DeSantis had initiated contact with Trump’s team weeks prior to discuss fundraising strategies. This outreach marks a notable change from the past where DeSantis and Trump were known to be bitter rivals, especially during the time DeSantis challenged Trump for the Republican nomination.

Historical Frictions and Recent Developments

The relationship between DeSantis and Trump has been complex and fraught with public disputes. Trump has claimed that DeSantis once “begged” for his endorsement during his 2018 gubernatorial campaign, which was followed by DeSantis releasing a campaign ad emphasizing his admiration for Trump. However, DeSantis has also been vocal about his disdain for Trump’s demand for absolute loyalty, critiquing the culture of subservience within the party.

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DeSantis famously remarked, “You can be the most worthless Republican in America. But if you kiss the ring, he’ll say you’re wonderful. You can be the strongest, most dynamic, successful Republican and conservative in America ― but if you don’t kiss that ring, then he’ll try to trash you.”

Despite these past frictions, DeSantis briefly ran for the Republican presidential nomination before dropping out and endorsing Trump. Since then, his involvement in Trump’s campaign has been minimal. In February, DeSantis expressed his frustration with conservative media’s unwavering loyalty to Trump, suggesting that Trump could engage in extreme misconduct without losing media support.

Skepticism Among Trump’s Inner Circle

Despite DeSantis’s willingness to support Trump’s fundraising efforts, skepticism remains within Trump’s inner circle regarding DeSantis’s position, particularly his potential as a vice-presidential candidate. The Washington Post has reported that DeSantis is “widely loathed” among Trump’s close associates, and The New York Times has noted that he is not considered a contender for the vice-presidential slot.

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Fundraising Capabilities

Nevertheless, DeSantis could prove to be a valuable asset in fundraising. His presidential campaign and associated super PAC reportedly spent an estimated $160 million, underscoring his capability to generate significant financial support.

As these developments unfold, the political dynamics between DeSantis and Trump will be closely watched, especially as DeSantis navigates his new role in supporting Trump’s campaign. This reunion, albeit possibly strained, underscores the complex interplay of ambition and necessity that defines many American political alliances.

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