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Florida Gov. DeSantis if he becomes U.S. president: “We cannot allow Anthony Fauci to escape accountability”


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a bold promise to hold Dr. Anthony Fauci accountable if he reaches the White House, intensifying his stance in the ongoing political discourse surrounding the COVID pandemic response.

DeSantis’ Firm Stance Against Fauci

Amidst his presidential campaign, DeSantis, who currently trails behind Donald Trump with 12 percent among Republican voters, has been vocal about his disapproval of Dr. Fauci’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. DeSantis, who became widely recognized during the pandemic for his opposition to what he termed a ‘Faucian dystopia,’ has not shied away from expressing his intentions on a public platform. He reached out to his 2.2 million followers on X, formerly known as Twitter, stating, “We cannot allow Anthony Fauci to escape accountability. I am the only candidate who will bring a reckoning for what tyrants like Fauci did to our country during COVID.”

Fauci’s Controversial Role and DeSantis’ Criticism

The governor’s statement follows what was described as a tumultuous 14-hour meeting by Dr. Fauci with a House coronavirus subcommittee. During this session, Fauci reportedly struggled to answer numerous questions and was ambiguous about the United States’ role, and his own, in funding high-risk virus research.

Additionally, DeSantis criticizes Fauci for downplaying the negative effects of COVID pandemic shutdowns on students. Despite reports showing historic lows in academic performance and warnings from experts about the long-term impacts of remote learning, Fauci remained uncertain about these negative consequences.

Furthermore, DeSantis has often criticized former President Donald Trump for his association with Fauci, who led the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) during Trump’s and President Joe Biden’s administrations.

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