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Florida Gov. DeSantis’ weak presidential campaign performance might impact his ability to properly lead the state and lose support


Florida – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis struggles to make any significant steps forward when it comes to the presidential campaign, as he heavily lags behind former U.S. President Donald Trump. Once considered Trump’s main opponent and someone who is capable of ruining the ex-potus presidential dream, Florida Governor’s presidential campaign doesn’t go as planned. At least for now.

Meanwhile, DeSantis spends most of his time out of the state as he continuously seeks support from voters nationwide. This keeps him away from the real problems Floridians face every day, and this status quo situation will remain as is, at least for a few more months until the primaries are over. Running for president might backfire for DeSantis if he fails to properly lead the state for an extended period of time, and he might lose the strong support in Florida if he doesn’t perform well as a presidential candidate.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis literally dominated the latest legislative session. DeSantis should be thankful to the Republican lawmakers who backed almost everything he suggested. Republicans have a supermajority in the legislature, and this is what gives DeSantis the power to push for initiatives he personally likes.

The next session in Florida will start on January 9

The next session, first in the new year, is set to start on January 9, and this might also be the start of DeSantis’ ‘fall’ as political experts believe that Florida Gov. might start losing support from Republican lawmakers. State lawmakers approved almost all of DeSantis’ initiatives in the 2023 session.

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Political journalist William March believes that DeSantis’ biggest concern should be his weak performance as a presidential candidate so far. Numerous polls conducted in the last few months show that DeSantis struggles to gain significant support, and he constantly lags behind Trump by quite a margin. These trends, according to March, might impact his state leadership, as he is on the verge of losing some of the support he currently has in Florida if something doesn’t significantly change soon.

Questionable presidential campaign performance so far and spending most of his time out of Florida might cost DeSantis support in the state

“Now that his candidacy does not appear to be going as well as expected, the question is whether that will affect his standing with the other legislators,” March said to WLRN.

Florida Governor expected to spend most of his time out of the state

Iowa caucuses will be held shortly after Florida sessions officially begin, and DeSantis is expected to spend most of his time there, but also in other states that have early primaries. March pointed out that this might play a role, especially since the governor might be away from Florida for quite some time.

“He’s likely to be out of the state for much of the session campaigning,” March said. “If he comes back to Florida as a loser, then it could easily affect the legislators’ deference to his agenda.”

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The session is scheduled to go on for 60 days, ending in early March.

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