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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: “Who’s running the presidency?”


Florida – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has voiced strong criticism of President Joe Biden’s handling of the Transgender Day of Visibility, which coincided with Easter Sunday this year. This situation has sparked a debate over the administration’s priorities and the communication surrounding official proclamations.

A Clash of Dates and Declarations

The controversy began when President Biden, responding to queries about the official White House proclamation that declared March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility, stated he “didn’t do that.” This denial prompted Governor DeSantis to question the transparency and operational control of the White House. During an appearance at the Greater Miami Expressway Agency, DeSantis expressed his concerns, suggesting that either the President was not forthcoming or unaware of the actions being taken in his name. ” Wait a minute, he said that didn’t happen, he said he didn’t do that. Which raises the question that he’s either not being honest with the public or he really didn’t know what was going on,” DeSantis remarked, pushing further to ask, “Who’s running the presidency?”

This incident has fueled speculation and debate over who is making key decisions within the Biden administration, with DeSantis hinting at the possibility of “a bunch of woke, 20-something-year-old White House staffers” being in charge. The Florida Governor’s comments reflect a broader concern regarding the administration’s direction and decision-making process.

Amid this controversy, DeSantis highlighted the significance of Easter Sunday for Christians, underscoring the importance of the holiday and criticizing the President’s actions on such a sacred day. This sentiment was echoed in widespread reactions among the Christian community, which found the timing of the Transgender Day of Visibility proclamation to be disrespectful.

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The White House, in response to the ensuing backlash, clarified the situation. A spokesperson emphasized that President Biden did not personally select March 31 for the Transgender Day of Visibility, a date that has been recognized annually since 2009. “President Biden is right. He did nothing in conflict with the ‘tenets’ of Easter, which he celebrated yesterday,” stated White House spokesperson Andrew Bates, addressing the concerns raised about the overlapping dates.

Furthermore, the White House highlighted that the Transgender Day of Visibility proclamation was part of a series of proclamations issued simultaneously, including recognitions for Cesar Chavez Day, National Donate Life Month, National Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Month, Arab American Heritage Month, and Care Workers Recognition Month.

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