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Florida governor tied with Democrats in national disapproval rankings: State voters split over DeSantis’ performance


Florida – As Governor Ron DeSantis’ term nears its conclusion in 2027, the question of his legacy and its impact on future gubernatorial candidates becomes increasingly significant. With DeSantis constitutionally barred from the 2026 election, discussions are heating up about potential successors and the political landscape they will inherit.

Assessing Potential Successors

Amid these discussions, a recent poll by Florida Atlantic University and Mainstreet Research highlighted First Lady Casey DeSantis as a leading candidate among Republicans, with significant support over U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz.

However, if Casey DeSantis were to run for governor of Florida, she may face some challenges, as a new survey conducted recently reveals Governor DeSantis as one of the least popular governors in the nation, a factor that could influence the upcoming election dynamics.

DeSantis’s Disapproval Ratings

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finds himself among the top governors with the highest disapproval ratings in the United States, according to a comprehensive survey by Morning Consult.

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This national survey monitored the opinions of approximately 9,000 voters over a span of three months, revealing a nuanced portrait of political support and dissent across the country.

Detailed Poll Insights

Governor DeSantis’s disapproval rating stands at 44%, positioning him third in terms of unpopularity, closely trailing behind Oregon’s Tina Kotek at 45% and Iowa’s Kim Reynolds at 47%.

Interestingly, Governor Reynolds, who holds the highest disapproval rating, previously endorsed DeSantis during the GOP primaries, which highlights the complex dynamics within the Republican Party.

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Despite the significant disapproval, DeSantis maintains a strong foothold within his own party. The survey indicates that he has the highest approval rating among Republicans nationwide, an impressive 84%, surpassing all other GOP governors.

This level of support suggests that while he may be polarizing on a broader national stage, his core base remains firmly behind him.

Electorate Divisions

In Florida, the governor’s approval rating is somewhat balanced, with 51% of Floridians supporting his actions since his victory in the 2018 gubernatorial election. However, this leaves a slim margin of undecided voters at just 5%, pointing to a sharply divided electorate in the state.

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The findings from Morning Consult provide a critical insight into the current political climate in Florida and beyond, as DeSantis continues to navigate his governorship amidst varying degrees of support and criticism.

As these ratings reflect both regional and national sentiments, they may significantly influence his political strategies and the broader Republican agenda leading up to future elections.

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