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Florida is a Red State: There are nearly 810,000 more Republican registered voters than Democrats, data shows


Florida – Florida is a well-known Republican bastion, something that has been proven many times in recent history. This becomes more evident in election years when Republicans usually win by large margins. That’s why the state of Florida is solidifying its status as a “red state” in the eyes of many.

Trump and DeSantis as most prominent Florida Republicans figures currently

The ongoing Republican primaries have further spotlighted Florida’s significant role in shaping the party’s future. With both former President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis hailing from the Sunshine State, Florida has become the epicenter of a high-stakes political showdown. We should also add that Florida is also the home of many other prominent and influential Republican figures.

Recent data shows that Republicans now have more than 800,000 more registered voters that Florida Democrats making Florida a "Red State"

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In past years, the Republican Party of Florida has consistently had more registered voters than the Florida Democratic Party. Despite the influx of out-of-state people who permanently relocate to Florida, this trend hasn’t changed. Now, the Republican Party of Florida has one more reason to celebrate because recent data shows that this gap is widening. According to Florida’s Voice, the Republican Party of Florida now leads the Florida Democratic Party in voter registrations by nearly 810,000 voters.

The Republican party ‘lost’ some counties in Florida, but gained more

Recently, the Republican Party has turned several counties from Democrat to Republican, including St. Lucie and Jefferson. They are also gaining ground in other areas. For example, in Hillsborough County near Tampa, with over 800,000 voters, the Democrats have a slim lead of just 1.5%, or about 12,000 voters. Similarly, in Duval County, Jacksonville, with over 600,000 voters, the gap is less than 3%, or about 19,000 voters.

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In a smaller county like Madison, with nearly 12,000 voters, Republicans are behind by just under 3%, which is roughly 350 voters. According to the Florida Department of State’s latest report from December 2023, Republicans now have a lead of nearly 780,000 voters statewide.

Both parties are losing registered voters in Florida, but Republicans still do better

The momentum is with the Republicans, who in December made their largest monthly gain against Democrats in years, increasing their lead by over 80,000. Since the 2022 elections, Democrats have seen a decrease of over 600,000 voters, whereas Republicans have seen a smaller decrease of about 183,000.

“The @FloridaGOP is continuing to turn Florida more red every day,” said Evan Power, chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, reacting to breaking the 800,000 mark.

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“Republicans have now amassed 800,000 more registered voters than Democrats here in Florida,” the state party said this week. “Our grassroots team won’t stop fighting to make Florida the best place to live, work and play in the nation.”

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