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Florida is cutting commuter costs in half again as Governor DeSantis announced $450 million for toll relief


Florida – Governor Ron DeSantis has once again signaled his administration’s commitment to easing the financial burden on Florida’s commuting families by announcing the continuation of the Toll Relief Program. This initiative, which was successfully launched last year, aims to halve toll costs for frequent drivers across the state, marking a significant step towards financial relief amidst ongoing economic pressures.

Easing the Commute: Toll Relief Program Continues

For the second consecutive year, the Toll Relief Program will provide significant savings to Florida’s road users, building on the success of the previous year. From April 2024 to March 2025, drivers who use Florida-based toll transponders, such as SunPass and others, and engage in 35 or more qualifying toll transactions per month, will benefit from a 50 percent credit applied directly to their accounts. A map of toll facilities included in this year’s program can be found here.

Governor DeSantis, in announcing the program’s extension, highlighted the state’s dedication to responsible fiscal management and the commitment to utilizing budget surpluses to benefit taxpayers directly. “I am pleased to have secured an additional $450 million for toll relief in Florida that will alleviate costs on our commuting families,” DeSantis stated. This move is part of a broader strategy to return value to the citizens through tax breaks and toll savings, reinforcing Florida’s stance on economic responsibility.

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The inaugural year of the Toll Relief Program brought $500 million in savings to over 1.2 million commuters, translating to an average savings of $400 per individual. With the continuation of the program, Florida drivers are poised to enjoy another year of significant toll savings, offering a reprieve from the financial strain many face.

Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez pointed to the broader economic challenges driving the need for such a program, citing persistent inflation and policy impacts from the federal level. “Florida families grappling with persistent inflation due to the Biden administration’s harmful economic policies can rest assured that we are doing all we can to support Floridians, including another historic year of toll relief,” Nuñez remarked, emphasizing the program’s role in supporting families reliant on toll roads.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) expressed enthusiasm for the continued opportunity to assist Floridians through the Toll Relief Program. FDOT Secretary Jared W. Perdue, P.E., noted, “Customers are at the center of all we do at FDOT, and this program will truly make an immediate impact on the everyday lives of our customers.” Beyond the immediate financial savings, the program aligns with broader infrastructure improvements, such as the commencement of the Golden Glades Interchange project in Miami-Dade County. This project aims to alleviate congestion in South Florida, significantly enhancing the commuting experience for many.

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With the launch of construction on the Golden Glades Interchange, a key junction for South Florida commuters, the state takes a decisive step towards improving traffic flow and reducing congestion. The project is set to reconstruct the vital intersection, promising to bring the completion date forward by 7–10 years, thanks to the Moving Florida Forward Infrastructure Initiative.

Floridians interested in benefiting from the Toll Relief Program or seeking more information can click here.

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