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Florida lawmakers want $100+ million for grants that would lower skyrocketing property insurance costs for property owners


Florida – Florida legislators are showing continued commitment to the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) program, an initiative designed to help homeowners undertake property repairs that reduce insurance risks and costs. This program, originally launched in 2006 and reinstated in 2022, is now under consideration for extended funding in the current fiscal year.

The MSFH program plays a crucial role in mitigating the impacts of Florida’s severe weather conditions on residential properties. Mark Friedlander, director of the Insurance Information Institute, highlighted the program’s effectiveness in assisting homeowners with home inspections and significant repairs, such as roof repair or replacement. These enhancements are vital for withstanding the frequent hurricanes and severe weather events in the region.

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Financial Incentives for Homeowners

Under the proposed Senate bill (SB 7028), the program would receive $100 million for grant funding and an additional $7 million for administrative expenses. The bill, scheduled for review by the Senate’s Fiscal Policy Committee on January 31, aims to alleviate the current backlog of 17,617 grant applications.

The program is particularly beneficial for low-income homeowners over 60 years old, offering them financial assistance wherein for every two dollars spent on improvements, the program contributes one dollar, up to $10,000. This support is critical for homeowners facing the high costs of property upgrades.

Impact on Insurance Premiums

Friedlander emphasized that fortifying homes, especially the roofs, not only safeguards against potential storm damage but also leads to reduced insurance premiums. Insurers are required to offer discounts to homeowners who take steps to strengthen their properties against windstorms. This aspect of the MSFH program is significant for individual homeowners and the broader market, as it contributes to overall risk reduction and potentially lowers property insurance rates statewide.

The initiative to extend the MSFH program is part of a broader effort to tackle Florida’s ongoing insurance crisis. At least a dozen bills have been filed in the state’s 2024 regular session, aiming to reform various aspects of the insurance market. The MSFH program stands as a key component of these efforts, demonstrating the state’s proactive approach to promoting residential safety and financial stability for its citizens.

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