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Florida Lottery celebrates over $46 billion contributed to education since 1988


Florida – The Florida Lottery has recently celebrated a groundbreaking achievement that highlights its commitment to education in Florida. Since beginning operations in 1988, the Lottery has now contributed an extraordinary amount exceeding $46 billion to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF).

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John F. Davis, Secretary of the Florida Lottery, expressed his enthusiasm and dedication, stating, “This remarkable achievement reflects our steadfast dedication to education, and we are proud of the vital role we play in enhancing educational experiences for students throughout the Sunshine State.” He further emphasized his commitment to fostering a future brimming with opportunities for Florida’s youth, highlighting the Lottery’s role in supporting educational possibilities for students as “incredibly rewarding.”

A significant portion of the Lottery’s contributions to the EETF have bolstered the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. Since 1997, this program has enabled countless high school students to chase their dreams of higher education and vocational training. With over $8 billion funneled into the program, the Lottery has supported nearly one million students in their quest for college degrees.

The Florida Lottery actively enters into partnerships with various programs and industries, all of which share the objective of removing financial barriers to education. By raising awareness about the Bright Futures Scholarship Program and providing students and parents with essential resources, the lottery plays a crucial role in ensuring that Florida’s youth can overcome obstacles and excel academically.

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