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Florida, New York and Georgia cases are doing Trump a favor and giving him a campaign edge, ex-White House adviser says


Florida – A former White House adviser to Donald Trump has vocally supported Trump amidst his multiple legal challenges, claiming these issues not only reinforce Trump’s campaign but also provide him with a significant platform. Steve Bannon’s remarks came during his War Room podcast, following a recent decision by a federal appeals court in New York to reduce Trump’s bond amount in his ongoing civil fraud case.

Florida, New York and Georgia cases are doing Trump a favor and giving him a campaign edge, ex-White House adviser says

During his podcast, Bannon celebrated the extensive media coverage of Trump’s legal battles, which he referred to as “lawfare” against the former president. He argued that the legal proceedings have thrust Trump back into the limelight, energizing his campaign for the November reelection. “This is one of the reasons he’s back and back … in such a fury. That he’s back with so much momentum,” Bannon stated. He further emphasized that Trump’s appearances in court have inadvertently turned into campaign events where Trump gets to address the media and reinforce his message.

Bannon highlighted how Trump utilizes these opportunities to communicate directly with the global media, thus maintaining a high-profile presence in political discourse. “One of the reasons President Trump is back and leading is because half of his campaign is these court appearances and he’s very strong going to the mics after where the world media has to cover,” Bannon explained.

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Current Political Standing

Recent polling data shows Trump in a competitive position against Joe Biden, with preliminary polls including a Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll indicating a slight lead for Trump in a potential head-to-head matchup. However, the race remains tight, as other polls, such as one conducted by Mainstream Research/Florida Atlantic University, show Biden with a marginal lead.

Trump’s legal challenges are extensive and varied, ranging from a hefty $454 million penalty in a New York fraud case related to misleading lenders, to serious allegations in other high-profile cases. Notably, Trump plans to appeal the judgment from the fraud case, with the court recently allowing him an additional 10 days to post a $175 million bond required for the appeal.

Furthermore, Trump faces legal repercussions in other significant cases. He has been found liable in a defamation and sexual assault lawsuit brought by former columnist E. Jean Carroll, with penalties nearing $92 million. Another major legal battle involves the hush-money case related to payments made to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels, with the New York State Supreme Court setting jury selection for mid-April.

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Additionally, Trump is entangled in a federal election subversion case, a federal classified documents case in Florida, and an indictment in Georgia accusing him of attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results.

These legal proceedings, according to Bannon, not only fail to hinder Trump but have instead propelled him into a stronger political position, fueling his campaign with substantial public and media attention.

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