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Florida Rep. Gaetz claims Trump was betrayed by his closest allies during presidency: Pompeo and Haspel


Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz is one of the most vocal Trump supporters and has consistently demonstrated his unwavering support for the former president. After recently expressing concerns that Trump’s 2024 run could be endangered by the GOP majority in the House of Representatives, Gaetz has once again caused a debate as he called for a congressional investigation following allegations that Trump was betrayed by his closest allies during his presidency.

Call for Investigation

Gaetz requested an investigation after a recent undercover report by O’Keefe Media Group stirred controversy by alleging that key figures in the U.S. intelligence community, including former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as former CIA Director Gina Haspel, deliberately withheld information from President Donald Trump during his tenure.

Unveiling Hidden Agendas

The core of these startling accusations emerged from an undercover video posted by James O’Keefe, the head of O’Keefe Media Group. The footage features a Deloitte contractor, Amjad Fseisi, who has reportedly worked as a program manager in Cyber Operations at the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA).

In the video, Fseisi is captured discussing how various intelligence agencies collaborated to keep sensitive information from President Trump, fearing he might disclose it.

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Fseisi is quoted saying, “The executive staff, we’re talking about the director and his subordinates,” explicitly naming Haspel and Pompeo as part of this group. He alleged that these agency leaders, along with others, agreed not to inform Trump, stating, “We’re not gonna tell Trump.”

The rationale behind this decision, according to Fseisi, centered on concerns about Trump’s handling of classified information.

Fseisi indicated that intelligence agencies deliberately limited the information provided to Trump. He explained that “There are certain people that would…give him a high-level overview but never give him any details. You know why? Because he’ll leak those details…He’s a Russian asset. He’s owned by the f-cking Russians.”

However, when confronted by O’Keefe later, Fseisi denied the statements he made on camera. Although he confirmed his employment with Deloitte, he refused to disclose whether he worked for the CIA.

Congressional Response

These allegations have prompted Representative Matt Gaetz to request an investigation by the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. In a letter to Subcommittee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Gaetz highlighted the severity of the claims, writing, “This footage contains evidence that American intelligence agencies withheld intelligence from President Donald Trump before and during his presidency and used Foreign Intelligence Act (FISA) authorities to spy on President Trump and may be doing so today.”

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Gaetz’s call for an inquiry underscores the potential implications of such actions if proven true, touching on issues of national security, the integrity of the intelligence community, and the sanctity of the presidential office.

CIA’s Rebuttal

In response to these explosive allegations, a CIA spokesperson vehemently denied the claims, labeling them as “absolutely false and ridiculous.” The spokesperson emphasized the CIA’s apolitical nature and its commitment to serving the president, regardless of who holds the office.

They stated, “CIA is a resolutely apolitical institution that provides intelligence support to policymakers including the President of the United States, irrespective of who occupies the office.” Additionally, the spokesperson clarified that the CIA focuses on foreign intelligence and does not monitor the former President, dismissing the individual making the allegations as a former contractor who does not represent the CIA’s views or practices.

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This unfolding saga not only raises questions about the internal dynamics of the U.S. intelligence community but also about the broader implications for how sensitive information is handled and shared at the highest levels of government. As the calls for a deeper investigation grow louder, the truth behind these allegations remains to be seen, setting the stage for a potentially significant political and institutional fallout.

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