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Florida rises to the challenge “despite the lack of cooperation from the federal government”, brings hundreds of Americans safely out of Haiti


Florida – Governor Ron DeSantis has made a significant announcement regarding the successful evacuation of 722 Americans from Haiti amidst ongoing political turmoil. This operation, spearheaded by the Florida Division of Emergency Management, commenced on March 20, 2024, under the direct command of Governor DeSantis.

Successful Evacuation Amid Challenges

“The State of Florida doesn’t shy away from doing the right thing and helping Americans in need,” declared Governor Ron DeSantis.

He expressed pride in the achievement, especially highlighting the obstacles overcome due to “the lack of cooperation from the federal government.” Over 700 Americans were successfully brought back to Florida from Haiti, a testament to the state’s commitment and capability in handling crisis situations.

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Support Upon Return

Florida Division of Emergency Management Executive Director Kevin Guthrie shared details of the complex operation, stating, “Evacuating our residents has been challenging, and I am incredibly proud of the hard work our State Emergency Response Team, private and nonprofit partners have done to bring Americans home and accommodate their needs upon returning to Florida.”

Guthrie emphasized the readiness and dedication of his team to support state residents during crises, appreciating the opportunity provided by Governor DeSantis.

Upon their arrival back in Florida, evacuees received comprehensive support from the Florida Division of Emergency Management, ensuring they had access to essential resources like food, water, medical treatment, and transportation to their homes. This holistic approach to post-rescue care underscores Florida’s commitment to its residents’ well-being after such daunting experiences.

Repeat Success

This operation marks the second instance under Governor DeSantis’s leadership where the Florida Division of Emergency Management has organized a significant repatriation of Americans from crisis zones abroad.

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Previously, in October 2023, the Florida Division of Emergency Management had undertaken a similar mission to evacuate Americans stranded in Israel following an attack by Hamas terrorists, successfully bringing over 700 Americans back to safety.

These operations not only showcase the proactive and robust emergency management capabilities of Florida but also reflect the state’s steadfast resolve to ensure the safety and security of its residents, regardless of where they are in the world.

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