From the City of Tamarac.  Proposed wall concept for Tamarac Lakes North and South
From the City of Tamarac. Proposed wall concept for Tamarac Lakes North and South

By: Sharon Aron Baron

After the 2011 survey, residents placed a high priority on the overall appearance of the city. The city continued to invest in initiatives that enhanced their appearance and one of them was an aesthetics study which included improving gateway architectural features, like streetscape treatments, lighting, landscape, signage and buffer walls.

The city approved moving forward with the buffer walls which are now planned for various parts of the city including Tamarac Lakes North and South and the Woodlands Country Club.

According to the Maxine Calloway, the new Director of Community Development, the city will first determine first if there is an interest for a wall with the communities of Tamarac Lakes. If so, they will propose the construction and maintenance option to them. The total cost for the buffer walls will be $1.4 million dollars which will be paid for by the city. The community will only be responsible for maintaining the wall.

In the Woodlands, the city is proposing that the buffer wall stretch from NW 64th avenue and replace the current wall, and continue to the end of the homes along Commercial Boulevard. Then fencing would be installed across the grassy area towards the main entrance.

Joel Davidson, who is on the Board of the Directors of the Woodlands Neighborhood Improvement District (WNID) said he is concerned about the aesthetics of the buffer wall. He wants to make sure that in the future, if the WNID wants to totally wall in the community, that all of it will have a cohesive look.

Davidson also wants to make sure that the Woodlands is involved in the process to choose the design of the buffer wall as well.

The projected cost for the wall in the Woodlands is $785,000. So far there is no date set for construction.

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2 Responses to "Future Buffer Wall Project for the Woodlands"

  1. This is a good start for the City of Tamarac. Hopefully Commissioners will approve the projects that will improve the appearance of the residential and commercial neighborhoods in Tamarac.

    Editor: Karen, the buffer wall projects have been approved. It will now be up to each community to approve the walls when the time comes for theirs. For instance, Tamarac Lakes will soon have community meetings. The residents can choose not to have the walls outside of their developments. But that would be unrealistic as the walls aren’t costing the them anything (but anything can happen). Only their HOA will be maintaining them.

  2. Finally what we have been waiting for, so many years now will soon be a reality. I was once againe appalled at the behavior of several ladies that attended the annual meeting at the club. They were the same group who complained that they did not want buffer walls (always speaking like they speak for all of the Woodland’s residents) when they thought they may have to pay for them. Well now that the city is providing the much needed walls and fencing, they are still objecting to them. These people who do not want to see that improvements are needed here, have to stop behaving like spoiled brats that are not getting their way. They are making it bad for the rest of us, by acting like they speak for the majority. They act loud and distruptive thinking that it makes them look right. They are part of the cause for this community sinking, because their heads are in the quick sand. I am tired of trying to reason with them, it does not work. We will not suffer the demise of our investment due to a small group of ignorant, out of touch people, who spew out false and incorrect information.

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