By: Sharon Aron Baron

At our Annual meeting, Section Six Resident Karen Malkoff passed me a note asking me to remind residents to wear lighter clothing when they exercise at night. I thought that was a great suggestion because I had noticed the same thing as well.

I’m a pretty good driver, however, I can’t say much for the rest of you out here in the Woodlands. This is why I have no idea why someone would take that kind of risk by exercising at night, in the dark, wearing dark clothing and trusting that others are going to see them.

There are bicycle shops that sell clip-on lights that flash at night that can be carried around, as well as reflective shirts.  But if those are too expensive, Home Depot sells reflective vests for an average of $10. Home Depot

Sure they aren’t flattering, but they’re a lot more flattering than being roadkill.

Karen mentioned that there was even a family with a stroller walking along Banyan Lane one night and they were all wearing dark clothing.  Not only is this unsafe, but this is just plain dangerous to the baby.  All they needed was a $3 flashlight so an oncoming car could see them.

Keep your safety gear by your front door and stay safe at night.

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Sharon Aron Baron
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