By: Sharon Aron Baron

A group that opposes the rezoning and redevelopment of the Woodlands is holding a zoom meeting with a candidate for city commission.

Although the candidate, Elvin Villalobos, is running for District 3, which isn’t the Woodlands (which is District 2), his vote will undoubtedly make a difference in its future.

In a letter from co-founder Jose Spena, he reminded residents that on July 10, 2019, that three Tamarac elected officials ignored the interests of the majority of homeowners and passed the unpopular legislation without fear.  In 2020, the same three voted against a motion for an independent survey of the residents about the redevelopment of the golf course.

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He reminded residents that one of the three is up for reelection in November. Although he doesn’t mention her name, he says Elvin Villalobos, who could change the golf course vote.

“Elvin has been a notable member of our city, a fellow Tamarac University Alumni with high community empathy and trusted by many families and business owners that have met him since the days of his mayoral bid,” wrote Spena. “Most of you heard directly from him about his opposition to the redevelopment of the irreplaceable open green space, long-lived nature, and prospering wildlife of the Woodlands.”

Spena is holding a Zoom meeting to urge residents to get to know him on Thursday, Aug 6, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. To register, visit Zoom.

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  1. We thank you for fighting to protect the beautiful Woodlands from being destroyed.
    The woodland residents appreciate your courage and mindset.

    Thank you Elvin Villalobos

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