By: Sharon Aron Baron

HGTV “reality series” House Hunters recently made its way to the Woodlands Country Club to help a couple look for potential homes.

The word reality is used loosely because the show is staged and the homeowners are pretending to look around, when in reality – there’s that word again – they’ve already purchased the home that they want.  But don’t let us ruin your fun. 

In this episode, Coconut Creek residents Lulu, an admissions director who also works for the Miss Universe Corporation, and her husband Charlie, who works in social services, are looking for their first home.  Lulu would prefer a low-maintenance townhome while Charlie wants to live on the golf course.

Their real estate agent, Sophia Allen, showed them three properties: a new townhome, and two older homes in the Woodlands Country Club. Lulu who owns a lot of crowns, gowns and sashes wants a huge walk-in closet.

The Woodlands homes were large, with plenty of room and on the golf course, which Lulu didn’t want because of the potential for a golf ball to break a window.

Which one did they pick?  Well, that’s the beauty of watching the show. Even though they already purchased their home, we all want to watch and see what happens at the end.

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Sharon Aron Baron
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2 Responses to "HGTV House Hunters Heads to the Woodlands Country Club"

  1. Tradelogic  

    Thank you for your wise words Shari!

  2. Anita  

    I think I saw that show. It was on a year or so ago. I immediately realized that it was the Woodlands.


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