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High school graduation rates in Florida climbed to unprecedented levels since DeSantis took office, Governor attributes success to educators


Florida – The Florida Department of Education has shared uplifting news about the state’s academic progress. The 2022–23 high school graduation rate in Florida has achieved an impressive milestone, reaching 88 percent. This figure not only shows an increase from the previous year but also surpasses pre-pandemic graduation rates, underscoring the state’s educational resilience and commitment to academic excellence.

Record-Breaking Graduation Statistics

The 2022–23 graduation rate represents an increase of 0.7 percentage points over the previous school year and marks a 1.1 percentage point rise from the pre-pandemic rate in 2018–19. Excluding the years 2019–20 and 2020–21, where assessment requirements were waived due to the pandemic, this rate is the highest ever recorded in the state’s history. The consistent upward trend in graduation rates highlights the effectiveness of educational strategies and policies implemented in recent years.

Subgroup Performance and Improvements

The data further reveals significant improvements across various student subgroups over the past five years:

  • Students with disabilities have shown a remarkable 4.9 percentage point increase, with the graduation rate climbing from 80.6 percent in 2018–19 to 85.5 percent in 2022–23.
  • Black or African American students’ graduation rate rose by 1.7 percentage points, from 81.5 percent to 83.2 percent during the same period.
  • American Indian or Alaska Native students saw the highest 5-year increase of 7.2 percentage points, reaching a graduation rate of 84.7 percent in 2022–23.
  • Hispanic students experienced a 0.9 percentage point rise, with their graduation rate increasing from 85.9 percent to 86.8 percent.
  • The graduation rate for economically disadvantaged students also improved by 0.9 percentage points, from 82.9 percent to 83.8 percent.

Leadership’s Role in Educational Success

Governor Ron DeSantis attributes this success to a strong emphasis on academics by educators across Florida. He believes that the state’s students, regardless of their post-secondary paths, are well-prepared for future success thanks to this solid academic foundation.

The Florida Commissioner of Education, Manny Diaz, Jr., emphasized the importance of graduating high school for a student’s future prospects. He praised the efforts of educators and the impact of Governor DeSantis’s administration in reaching unprecedented graduation levels in the state. “Since Governor DeSantis took office, high school graduation rates have climbed to unprecedented levels in our state. I’m so proud of our world-class educators and what this means for students, families, and future generations of Floridians,” Diaz said.

These figures demonstrate Florida’s commitment to educational progress and the effectiveness of its approach to learning and student support. The record-high graduation rates reflect the commitment of educators, students, families, and the government to fostering an environment conducive to academic success. As Florida continues to navigate its educational landscape, these achievements offer a promising outlook for future generations of Floridians.

For more detailed information about Florida’s 2022–23 graduation rates, interested individuals can visit the Florida Department of Education’s website.

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