The Horizon House as it stands today pictured here with my husband and son in front
The Horizon House as it stands today pictured here with my husband and son in front

By: Sharon Aron Baron

As I was going through all the historical items lent to me by Realtor Edie Grien,  I found this unusual sales brochure for a home here called the “Horizon House.”   I showed it to my husband, who looked at this disbelievingly,  “Oh my God, I’ve been to this house before!” he said.   All of a sudden, memories came flooding back to him.   “My parents took me on a tour of this home in the late 1970s.  I had no idea this was in the Woodlands.”

Back in 1978, the Horizon House was a newly built “showcase” home in the Woodlands.  It had 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths and was 4,900 square feet under air.   If you include the garage and covered patio, it was over 8,200 square feet.

Showcased as a “Home of the Future.”  The Horizon home had every top-of-the-line feature for its day and was finished out by a top decorator.

I contacted the current owner Norma, who bought the home 26 years ago with her late husband, Harry.  She told me that she lived in another home in the Woodlands and fell in love with this home when it became available.    She also invited me to come and visit the home and see what it looks like now.  Of course, I had to accept on my husband’s behalf, and along with my son, the three of us rode our bicycles there on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Early Brochure of the Horizon House

The Horizon House is now surrounded by large oak trees in the front and looks as stately as it did in the brochure.   We noticed that the entire flat roof was gone and replaced with an angled roof.   This changed the modern look of the home into a more traditional appearance.  However, with the prevalence of water leakage problems that are notorious with flat roofs, this was probably a good decision.

Norma was very welcoming when we arrived and now lives there with her full-time aide.    Since my husband was 13 years old when he saw the house, I don’t believe he remembered the home’s interior.   Norma says that it hasn’t changed much, as it still has all the original top-of-the-line appliances from the 70s.    The views out back are what struck us as fabulous as the home has water on either side and faces the golf course through a two-story wall of windows.  Norma doesn’t mind living in such a large place as her son and grandchildren come and visit her regularly.   The home is still in wonderful condition, and you can tell her husband and she took great care of it.

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