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Huge blow for DeSantis: Florida Senator Marco Rubio endorses Trump, but there might be a reason behind the move


Florida Senator Marco Rubio has made a strategic endorsement, throwing his support behind former President Donald Trump in the Republican presidential primary. This move, coming after fellow Floridian Senator Rick Scott’s endorsement of Trump, signals potential future ambitions for Rubio, possibly including a presidential run in 2028.

Late but Significant Endorsement

Senator Rubio’s endorsement of President Trump was not unexpected but came later than many had anticipated. Previously reported by The Floridian as imminent a few months ago, Rubio’s support is seen as a significant shift in the Republican landscape. During an exclusive interview with The Floridian in November 2023, Rubio hinted at the possibility of an endorsement, stating, “I may endorse at some point, but I don’t think my endorsement is going to decide it I have said it from the beginning.”

Despite his initial dismissive tone regarding the impact of his endorsement, Rubio’s support for Trump is notable. It underscores that Florida’s Republican congressional delegation, with the exception of Rep. Laurel Lee, does not back Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential bid. This alignment with Trump over DeSantis marks a significant political stance within the party dynamics of Florida.

Rubio’s Rationale Behind Supporting Trump

In his endorsement statement, Rubio highlighted his achievements during Trump’s presidency, including the expansion of the Child Tax Credit and imposing tough sanctions on regimes in Cuba and Venezuela. He emphasized that these successes were due to having a president who did not succumb to special interests or bureaucratic hindrances.

Rubio elaborated on his support for Trump by reflecting on the state of the nation under his leadership, citing safety, respect, economic stability, and the absence of a mass migration crisis. He acknowledged that, despite the controversies surrounding Trump’s statements, the country fared better during his tenure.

Concerns Over Biden’s Foreign Policy

Rubio also expressed concerns about the foreign policy under the Biden administration. He noted a shift in the Western Hemisphere’s political landscape, with several countries moving away from democratic governance towards socialist or leftist regimes. According to Rubio, this shift has caused a fracture in regional unity and a perception of the U.S. favoring adversaries over allies.

Strategic Alliance with Trump

Rubio’s support for Trump is not just about the past but also strategically looks toward the future. As one of Trump’s most loyal and supportive senators during his first term, Rubio’s endorsement could be a calculated move to align closely with Trump should he win a second term. This alliance could place Rubio in a favorable position for the much-sought-after Trump/MAGA endorsement for a potential presidential bid in 2028.

Given Trump’s known emphasis on loyalty, Rubio’s endorsement and continued support could prove to be pivotal decisions in his political career. It may not only reinforce his influence within the current administration but also set the stage for his own aspirations in the coming years. As the political landscape evolves, Rubio’s endorsement of Trump could be a defining moment in shaping his political trajectory and influence within the Republican Party.

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